When Does Season 2 Of ‘Riverdale’ Return And Who Is Chic Cooper? [Opinion]

Mike CoppolaGetty Images

Afer the big reveal or letdown regarding the identity of Black Hood, Riverdale fans were teased with a few seconds clip for “The Blackboard Jungle” which will air January 17, 2018. While fans will have to wait a month to see what’s going on with Archie, Betty, Veronica, and Jughead, there should be no letdowns when it arrives.

The promo shows clips of all our favorite characters, but it also gives us a little insight into what trouble could possibly be heading our way. There’s a scene where Archie and Hiram Lodge are jogging together in a park. What that could symbolize is the strong bond between Archie and Veronica. Season 2 has been a little rough on the lovers, however, at the end of “Silent Night, Deadly Night,” Veronica finally said those three words that Archie whispered to her earlier. With the couple in a good place, it’s only right that Hiram takes a liking to the younger Andrews.

One of the most glaring scenes in the promo is one of Alice Cooper visiting her son Chic. This is our first glance of Betty’s brother, but with him coming into the picture, what will that mean for the family moving forward? But who is Chic Cooper? Is Chic a troublemaker, a good kid, a writer, or a cop? We have no idea yet. The big issue regarding Chic is the identity of his father. One look at Chic and you can see that there is something that sets him apart from the other Cooper kids. Alice gave birth to Chic while in high school and according to rumors form Teen Vogue he might belong to FP Jones. What if Chic is the really a Jones and not a Cooper?

One thing is for certain when Riverdale returns with a new episode January 17, 2018, is that things will no longer be the same at Riverdale High. With Southside High being shut down, the Southside students, including the Serpents will now roam the same halls as Betty, Archie, and Veronica. With tensions already high between the two neighborhoods, thanks to a fight, there could be a war brewing for control.

Season 2 of Riverdale has been full of ups and downs, love gained and lost and from the promos for “The Blackboard Jungle”, the tension is heavy in the air. Make sure to tune in on January 17, 2018, for a new episode of Riverdale.