Philadelphia Eagles: How Long Before This Super Bowl Black Cloud Leaves? [Opinion]

Jeff GrossGetty Images

There has to be a legit reason why the Philadelphia Eagles do not have a Super Bowl ring. Yes, they have lost each one they have been in but there has to be more to this story. It wasn’t until Sunday afternoon that it finally hit me. A black could not only hang over the Cleveland Browns but the Eagles as well. Laugh it up, but take a minute to really let that sink in.

The Eagles have had their shots. The most recent one was in 2004 when Donovan McNabb finally got the receiver he wanted in Terrell Owens only to see him go down with an injury before the playoffs. While Owens did return for the Super Bowl, it was McNabb and shotty play calling that did the Eagles in against the New England Patriots. If you’re looking for another example, let’s fast forward to the “Dream Team” of 2011 when the Eagles went all in with pricey additions like Nnamdi Asomugha, Vince Young, Michael Vick, and Jason Babin. Not only did they fail to win a Super Bowl, they missed the playoffs altogether.

Now we come to this season and the Eagles started hot right out the gate. Heading into their matchup against the Los Angeles Rams, the Eagles were 10-2 with a red-hot offense and a defense that was one of the best in the league. The outcome of that game may have changed the Eagles direction this season with the loss of quarterback and leading MVP candidate Carson Wentz. That has to be enough proof that the Eagles are playing against more than just another NFL team every Sunday.

With Wentz leading the team, the Eagles were one of the favorites to win the Super Bowl this season, according to CBS Sports. But that has all come to a halt after it was confirmed that Wentz will miss the rest of the year with an ACL injury. Why is this happening? Why is it every time they get close, some crazy injury derails their chances? When Owens went down, the Eagles still managed to make it, however, Owens is not Wentz. Owens was not the pulse of this team, Wentz was.

With that said, the Philadelphia Eagles still have a chance but as fate would have it, the Eagles will be led by a quarterback they once deemed not good enough after what many called a fluke season. Nick Foles was Wentz before Wentz. Eagles fans remember his year under Chip Kelly where he threw for 27 touchdowns and just two interceptions. But then that same black cloud decided to knock Philly off its pedestal and gave total control to Kelly and it all came crashing down. Or did it?

As much as Eagles fans hate Kelly, there would be no Wentz without Chip and fans would know very little about Foles without Chip. Since Wentz took over, the team has been his without a doubt. But what happens if, after this great season he had and all the talk of Wentz being the next big thing in the NFL for years to come, Foles comes in and pulls a Tom Brady or Jeff Hostetler and wins the Super Bowl?

It sounds crazy, right?

But think, all the weapons that Wentz had at his disposal, Foles now has at his. The same LeGarrette Blunt, Alshon Jeffery, Zach Ertz, and the same defense causing havoc. Who’s to say that Foles can’t duplicate the same success? You may not believe that there is a conspiracy against the Eagles until Foles leads the Eagles to a championship.

How messed up would that be for the Philadelphia Eagles?