Philadelphia Eagles: Let Nick Foles Loose Against The New York Giants [Opinion]

Jeff GrossGetty Images

The Philadelphia Eagles will head into their game against the New York Giants with two goals in mind. One is to win and keep themselves on pace for home field advantage and the other is to let Nick Foles loose. With the Eagles already NFC East champs, the Giants pose no real threat there. However, that doesn’t mean that Eli Manning and crew cannot mess their divisional rival up.

With Carson Wentz out for the season, the keys to this Super Bowl contender are placed in the hands of a man who once gave the Eagles one of the best seasons ever by a quarterback. If Foles can pick up where he left off in 2013 then the Eagles are in good shape this weekend. According to ESPN, Foles does not want Pederson to change a thing on the offensive side of the ball in terms of schemes. Why should he?

Wentz averaged close to 35 passing attempts per game with 7.5 yards gained per pass. It’s up to Doug Pederson to put Foles in a similar situation or better. During that magical 2013 season, Foles’ yards per pass stood at 9.1. Foles has the arm and the smarts to exploit the weak Giants secondary Sunday. If Pederson is willing to unleash him, then Eagles fans may feel better about placing their title hopes on Foles.

But here is where a big issue may come to light. What if Foles fails? What if he cannot get the offense moving against one of the worse defenses in the league Sunday? Will the hounds be out about the Eagles looking to sign someone off the street or will Pederson blame it on a lack of game time? One of the good things that Foles does have going for him are the skills players the Eagles have.

During that 2013 season, Foles was surrounded by LeSean McCoy, DeSean Jackson, Zach Ertz, and Brent Celek. While the cast of characters has changed, Celek and Ertz are still there as security blankets if needed. While Jackson and McCoy were dangerous in their own right, so are Alshon Jeffery, LeGarrette Blount, Jay Ajayi, and Nelson Agholor.

If Foles can pass for 300 yards or more with at least two touchdowns against the Giants, that will ease some of the pain of losing Wentz. While Foles is no Wentz, truth be told, they have had pretty much the same career. Eagles fans have had one stellar season of Wentz and one stellar season of Foles. The Giants game is just one of a few auditions Foles has to prove his worth before the real season starts.