WWE Rumors: ‘Clash Of Champions’ 2017 Main Event Won’t Involve Any Championships [Opinion]


There have been WWE rumors floating around with regard to what will close out the show for Sunday’s Clash of Champions 2017 event. On this particular pay-per-view, every championship from the SmackDown Live roster is up for grabs. That will include Charlotte’s SmackDown Women’s Championship, The Usos’ SmackDown Tag Team titles, Baron Corbin’s United States title, and of course, AJ Styles’ WWE Championship. There are also several matches listed on the card with no titles involved, and one of those seems likely to finish things out on Sunday. No, don’t expect to see “The Fashion Police” vs. The Bludgeon Brothers in that spot, though.

For weeks now, one particular storyline has been building up to something, and that involves the recently-formed heel duo of Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn as well as the butting heads of SmackDown Live’s management. Commissioner Shane McMahon has made some questionable moves, with general manager Daniel Bryan seemingly at odds with him over his decisions. Among those choices that Shane has made have been attacking Kevin Owens on SmackDown, leading the locker room into an invasion of the Raw roster before Survivor Series and now seeming hell-bent on getting Owens and Zayn fired.

Daniel Bryan second guest referee on Sunday
Daniel Bryan appointed himself as a second guest referee on Sunday for a Clash of Champions tag match.Featured image credit: WWE

That will be the stipulation for Sunday’s tag team match involving Owens and Zayn as they go against the duo of Randy Orton and Shinsuke Nakamura. Shane originally appointed himself as the special guest referee for the matchup, but on Tuesday, Daniel Bryan decided to make things even more “fair” for the match. As ESPN reported, Bryan appointed himself as a second referee, which will likely lead to some interesting situations in the ring, with Shane and Bryan possibly getting into each other’s ways. One has to wonder who is going to make the final decision for the winners of the match. WWE may even have one of those “no decision” made situations with both referees calling it a different way.

For these reasons, it seems like this is the match to close out Sunday’s pay-per-view. At other events, WWE might close with the major championship battle. However, even if AJ Styles is among the best in the ring today, it’s tough for Jinder Mahal to main-event right now. While it seems like a disservice to the WWE Championship, that match is likely to be second-to-last, or WWE will bill it as a co-main event. There’s clearly something brewing as far as Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon’s situation, and WWE will probably want to close the pay-per-view on that cliffhanger note leading fans to wait for SmackDown Live for more developments.