iPad Pro As PC Replacement: Apple Continues Their Big Lie [Opinion]

Eric RisbergAP Images

As the Inquisitr reported this past weekend, iPad Pro sales have been good enough to turn around the declining numbers the iPad brand has been showing for the past three years. While the iPad numbers still aren’t out of the red, they aren’t sinking to the bottom of the ocean anymore.

The iPad Pro is a fantastic consumption device. It’s great for watching videos, surfing the web, and even viewing photo albums. But anybody who has used a PC or Mac for a week and tries to do the same with the iPad will tell you that in no way is the iPad Pro a great content creation device. Just because Apple added a keyboard to it doesn’t make it the equivalent of a desktop or laptop.

Unfortunately, as Mac Rumors reports, Apple’s marketing chief Phyllis Schiller is still spreading the false mantra. In a recent interview, she talks about the iPad Pro becoming your primary computing device. She says she hears a lot of people admit that they use their computer or notebook at their desk, but when they travel, it’s only the iPad Pro that matters. It’s important to note that Schiller realizes the situation won’t be the same for everybody. Still, many commenters underneath the article disagree, and they are right to do so.

Apple still markets the iPad Pro as a computer. Featured image credit: Daryl Deino

“Phil in Marketing mode. Nothing more. If an iPad could replace your computer, you didn’t need a computer in the first place,” says Stella.

“Let me know when iOS allows for multiple users to sign in to a single device. Until then, this is a poor replacement for a computer,” responds Vipergts.

And the iPad Pro as PC replacement mantra isn’t going over well on Twitter.


This author has personally tried to use the iPad Pro as his main “computer” for three days, and the results were awful. If you are a blogger, you can edit photos, edit documents, and even do some minor video editing. However, all of this will take at least three times as long to do on an iPad Pro.

iPad Pro touchscreen
The iPad Pro is a great device for consumption, not creation. Featured image credit: Daryl Deino

It’s great that the iPad Pro has a touchscreen, but it still doesn’t have mouse capabilities. And the Smart Keyboard isn’t so smart when you have several documents to type. It’s a great “mobile” keyboard, but not one that can replace the keyboard on your desktop or laptop.

Perhaps Apple should take a look at Microsoft’s Surface Pro, which is a tablet that can actually replace your laptop or, in many cases, your desktop. It runs Windows 10, a desktop operating system. It has a powerful enough processor to do heavy photo or video editing tasks. And it has a keyboard attachment that not only makes typing comfortable, but also fun.

The desire of many is to see Apple create an iPad-like device that actually runs macOS rather than iOS. Then, Apple will have truly created the ultimate device that the iPad Pro is supposed to be.