Donald Trump Was Correct: Alabama Voters Did ‘The Right Thing’ Restoring Sanity To U.S. Politics [Opinion]

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President Donald Trump finally got something right. As dawn broke yesterday, President Trump took to his favorite medium, Twitter, to tell his 44 million followers that “the people of Alabama will do the right thing.” For once President Trump was right on the money, the people of Alabama rejected Trump’s endorsement of alleged sex pest Roy Moore, and elected Democrat Doug Jones to the Senate. By winning the Alabama election, Jones dealt a huge blow to Trump, restored a little sanity to U.S. politics, and created a little slice of history.

President Trump had tweeted that Doug Jones was “pro-abortion, weak on crime, the military, and illegal immigration.” Trump also claimed that Jones was “bad for gun owners and veterans,” and against building a wall along the border with Mexico. Despite Trump’s comments, the people of Alabama decided that they did not want to see a man who is facing a string of sexual assault allegations representing them in the Senate.

Make no mistake, the result of the Alabama election is a huge blow to Donald Trump’s administration. Doug Jones’ victory over Roy Moore means that the wafer-thin Republican majority in the Senate is reduced to just two votes. Trump has already been struggling to pass any piece of legislation, and with his Senate majority reduced to two, things will be even more difficult.

The scale of this defeat for Donald Trump should not be underestimated. As reported by the Guardian, Doug Jones’ victory has “set off a political earthquake that shook Washington.” Alabama is the deepest of Republican red states, and as reported by the Daily Mirror, no Democrat has represented Alabama in the Senate for over two decades, and in the presidential election, Trump carried Alabama with a 28-point majority.

Trump took a huge political gamble by endorsing Roy Moore. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Moore is facing a string of sex pest allegations, including seeking a sexual relationship with one alleged victim who was just 14-years-old. Trump’s decision to endorse Moore has thrown the spotlight back on the allegations that Trump himself is a serial abuser of women.

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With Moore’s loss in Alabama, the resurfacing of sexual abuse allegations against Trump, and with the Mueller investigation allegedly closing in on him, these are troubling times for the Trump administration.

With the mid-term elections set for next November, the Democrat win in Alabama will have Trump worried that he will lose both Congress and the Senate. If that happens, Trump will become the biggest “lame duck” president in history. For many Americans, that moment can’t come soon enough.

By claiming that the people of Alabama would “do the right thing,” Donald Trump finally got something right, though not in the way he predicted. The people of Alabama showed that they will not support alleged pedophiles, they showed that they want a cleaner politics and they want to be represented by people with integrity. In doing so they restored some much-needed sanity to the U.S. political system.