2018 Golden Globe Nominations: ‘Alias Grace’ And 6 More TV Snubs [Opinion]

Nicole Rivelli, Chris Haston, Jan ThijsNetflix, NBC

As is the case every time any high-profile awards show announces its nominations, there are inevitably snubs, and the nominations for the 75th Golden Globes proved to be no exception. You can read the full list of the 2018 nominees on Deadline.

While there were some well-earned surprises among the nominees, such as Jessica Biel’s nod for her role in USA Network’s limited series The Sinner, there were also a lot of disappointing omissions. Seven of the series and performances that were looked over are listed and lamented below.

Alias Grace

This Netflix miniseries has everything, including magnificent performances and a compelling narrative. The six-part drama is an adaptation of The Handmaid’s Tale author Margaret Atwood’s historical fiction novel of the same name. Led by a dazzling performance from actress Sarah Gadon, Alias Grace also features the gripping direction of Mary Harron and a spectacular script by Sarah Polley.

Gadon’s performance as the enigmatic Grace Marks is one of the most deserving of the year. So much of what makes an awards-worthy performance is having a role an actor can demonstrate their range in, and Gadon more than receives and delivers on that opportunity with Alias Grace. How and why the Golden Globes ignored the series and its star is mystifying.

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The White Princess

Starz’s follow-up to The White Queen brought the heat with a cast, script, and execution that was golden. Why this fantastic miniseries has been unjustly ignored by the Emmys and now the Golden Globes is anyone’s guess.

IMDB confirms that its successor series earned three Golden Globe nominations in 2014. Given that its sequel was so on par with the original, the snub is all the more confusing.

Bates Motel

Series star Freddie Highmore did earn a Golden Globe nomination, but it wasn’t for his outstanding work on Bates Motel. One of the most criminally underrated and overlooked series of the past decade, Bates Motel, the dark and provocative prequel to Psycho, closed its doors in 2017.

With its fifth and final season, Bates Motel embraced its source material, while creating something new and equally arresting. For years, the show has been frustratingly ignored, so for fans hoping to see the series acknowledged in what is one of its final shots at glory, this snub is beyond exasperating.

The cast, writers, and series as a whole earned a nod for doing something few series can say they have: ending as profoundly as they began.

Liza and Red from 'The Blacklist'
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The Blacklist

NBC’s veteran action drama has shown no signs of slowing down. A consistently engaging series that weaves wild tales with aplomb, The Blacklist also features a slew of Golden-Globe-worthy performances. Led by James Spader, there is no stronger ensemble on television, and it would be nice to see them acknowledged.


A masterful costume drama that grew with every episode, Victoria chronicles the early days of Queen Victoria’s reign, her relationship with the dashing Lord Melbourne (Rufus Sewell), and her marriage to her soul mate, Prince Albert (Tom Hughes). Jenna Coleman’s electrifying turn as the lively queen and Rufus Sewell’s as the prime minister and brooding confidante to the queen deserved recognition.

The Punisher

Jon Bernthal and 'The Punisher' were snubbed by the 2018 Golden Globes
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No matter how you feel about the quality of The Punisher‘s debut season, there is something every Punisher viewer can probably agree on. Jon Bernthal’s performance as the vengeance-seeking Frank Castle is just as phenomenal as it was on Daredevil. Last year, Emmy voters ignored Bernthal’s incredible turn in the second season of the Netflix series, and the Golden Globes has followed suit with the spin-off.

While comic book movies continue to dominate the landscape of film, there is still a huge gap in acknowledging the actors who star in them. The same rule has applied to their TV counterparts. Bernthal’s performance is one of the ones that most deserve to break the glass ceiling.


In a tough season that saw few narrative bright spots, the ensemble of Poldark still managed to shine as bright as ever. Series lead Aidan Turner gave another exceptional performance as the titular Ross Poldark, cementing his rising star status. Tasked with playing various emotions throughout the season, Turner managed to do so with tremendous skill.

Just as impressive was Jack Farthing as the villainous George Warleggan. Like Turner, Farthing was dealt a deluge of complex emotions to sift through as the ambitious Warleggan, and he mightily succeeded.

Find out who wins big at the 2018 Golden Globes when they air on NBC, January 7, 2018.