Miami Dolphins Must Find A Way To Re-Sign Jarvis Landry [Opinion]

Jim RogashGetty Images

Jarvis Landry has been one of the faces of the Miami Dolphins franchise since being drafted with the No. 63 overall pick in the 2014 NFL Draft. He has become one of the most dangerous wide receivers in the NFL and has had a good season for the Dolphins this year, despite the quarterback struggles that they have had.

Unfortunately for the Dolphins, Landry is scheduled to hit open free agency this offseason. They could use the franchise tag to keep him in town, but it has been reported that Landry is not happy with the Dolphins right now. No one can blame him, as Landry has been forced to play with average quarterbacks at best.

While the Dolphins could use the franchise tag on Landry this offseason, that will not fix the long-term possibility of losing him. In fact, tagging him and not coming to terms on a long-term deal would all but guarantee that he would leave next offseason.

Miami must find a way to re-sign Landry to a long-term contract this offseason and keep him in town as their No. 1 wide receiver.

Throughout the course of the 2017 NFL season, Landry has put together very solid numbers. He has caught 88 passes for 745 yards and eight touchdowns, according to ESPN statistics. His eight touchdown receptions is actually a career-best, with his previous high being just five touchdowns as a rookie in 2014.


At just 25 years of age, Landry is heading into the prime of his career. He has made the best of the quarterback situation in Miami, with Jay Cutler simply not panning out for the Dolphins.

Surprisingly, even with Cutler’s struggles, the Dolphins’ passing offense has been relatively solid. That has happened despite Cutler’s 11 interceptions and injuries that have forced Matt Moore into the starting lineup at times.

Adam Gase certainly has not seen his job in Miami go the way he had planned. He was expected to bring a dynamic offense to the Dolphins and to get them back into serious contention in the AFC. Miami was a playoff team last season, making it to the wild-card round before being knocked out by the Pittsburgh Steelers.

That being said, losing Landry would be a huge step in the wrong direction for the Dolphins. There are very few wide receivers with the skill-set that Landry brings to the table. Seeing him walk would certainly hurt the Dolphins’ long-term plans.

Needless to say, Miami will face quite a bit of competition for Landry’s services. There will be countless teams lining up with interest in signing the star receiver. Finding a way to convince him that Miami can offer him a chance to compete for a championship won’t be easy, but they must find a way to do so.

Expect to see the Dolphins make re-signing Landry an instant priority this offseason. They cannot afford to play games with him and hope to keep him around. Rumors will fly about Landry as the offseason continues to draw closer.