Aaron Boone Has Tough Decisions When It Comes To The New York Yankees 2018 Starting Lineup [Opinion]

Mike StobeGetty Images

With Giancarlo Stanton officially a member of the New York Yankees, new manager Aaron Boone has a difficult decision to make. It’s one thing to head to the park not knowing if the manager has decided to alter the lineup from the day before, now you’re that guy doing the changing. For Boone, he has to make the tough calls and his first one will be what to do with the 2018 New York Yankees starting lineup.

Last season, Joe Girardi played with a few different lineups to try to squeeze as many runs as he could, however, 2018 will have no shortage of power. What Boone must do is play the long game here and try his best to even the field so to speak. If there is one weakness the Yankees have, it will be speed. But with Giancarlo Stanton, Aaron Judge, Gary Sanchez, and Aaron Hicks, speed will be the last thing on their minds.

Here are the potential players for 2018 New York Yankees lineup according to CBS Sports.

Brett Gardner (LF): Last season, Gardner hit 0.264 with 23 stolen bases, 23 home runs, 63 RBI, and 157 hits. While Gardner can hit for average, he must remind himself he’s the key to the Yankees offense. If he’s on base, then there is less of a chance of opposing pitchers walking the next batter.

Aaron Hicks (CF): I placed Hicks here for the same reason Gardner is leading off. Hicks, while hurt most of last season, has the speed to steal a few bases in 2018. Hicks has power as well. With Gardner leading off with a possible hit causing pitchers to look over their shoulder for a steal, Hicks has a chance to get a fastball down the middle of the plate.

Giancarlo Stanton (DH): The new guy will thrive in this spot. No longer will he feel the need to do it all as this is not the Miami Marlins lineup. In front of Stanton will be two players capable of getting on base and behind him are a cast of hitters who can get him home when he does reach.

Aaron Judge (RF): This is Judge’s team and he deserves better than to hit second in this lineup. WIth Gardner, Hicks, and now Stanton ahead of him, Judge could knock in close to 175 runs in 2018.

Didi Gregorius (SS): This is where it gets a bit tricky for Boone. After his two power hitters, his job, if all else fails, is to start over. This is where a player like Didi can restart the offense. Gregorius hit 0.287 last season with 23 home runs and hit safely 153 times.

Gary Sanchez (C): Yes, I know, this seems to be a bit too low in the order for Sanchez but think of what a spot like this could mean for the Yankees offense. Sanchez is another power bat and while some will want them bunched together, it’s better if they’re spread out.

Ronald Torreyes (2B): With Castro gone, Boone must put a hitter who can get on base in this slot and Torreyes is the perfect candidate. He’s young, hungry, and will add an extra-base hitting bat in the lineup.

Greg Bird (1B): If Bird can offer any type of production in this spot, then the Yankees will definitely be World Series favorites.

Chase Headley (3B): There was a time when being last was the worst position in the order, however, for Headley, this could be a blessing.

From top to bottom, this might be the best in MLB, however, this is just my take on how I think Boone should go about things.