Liberals Offended By Doughnut Shop’s Act Of Charity Take To The Internet To Voice Their Outrage [Opinion]

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Last week, when the owners of the Holy Donut shop in Portland, Maine, decided to support a family in need this holiday season, they never expected that they’d be issuing a public apology for their act of charity. What exactly did they do to bring the wrath of the politically correct down on their establishment? What was so horrible that it warranted the outrage of thousands of liberal keyboard warriors prepared to deprive themselves of delicious doughnuts in the name of justice?

The proprietors of the Holy Donut asked the Salvation Army to suggest a family that needed help.

That’s right. They asked a well-established charity to point them in the direction of someone they could sponsor in the spirit of the season. After receiving the name of the family and their five children, the popular doughnut shop offered free doughnuts to any customers willing to donate to the gift drive.

Shortly after they went public with their charitable intentions, their Facebook page became a veritable novel of angry posts. Many from the liberal population claimed the Salvation Army was a harbinger of hate that openly discriminated and condemned those in the LGTB community. According to the Press Herald, it didn’t take long for the comments to start threatening actions that could hurt the business.

One post read, “People are going to boycott The Holy Donut because of YOUR choices. Do you see what we’re getting at? You’re supporting an establishment that doesn’t support your customers, so your customers will stop supporting you.”

The Salvation Army has taken steps to refute these claims on several occasions, going as far as to denounce the accusations on their public website.

“We need your help in ending these rumors. They can persuade people not to give, which in turn diminishes our resources and our ability to serve people in crisis. Please share what you know about The Salvation Army – that we serve anywhere there is need, without discrimination.”

Salvation Army bell ringer.
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In spite of distancing the Holy Donut from the Salvation Army and denouncing any real ties to the charity, the angry mob of keyboard warriors only seemed to grow. The owners of the Holy Donut took the only action that they felt was open to them, they apologized.

According to Fox News, they released a post on their public Facebook page, saying, “We take this opportunity to sincerely apologize to anyone that we have offended. We are an organization which prides itself on our track record of kindness and acceptance of everyone.”

Next time you walk past that kindly looking person ringing a bell at the entrance to your local grocery store, you might want to look around before throwing some change in that red bucket. Apparently, this makes you fair game for open hostility from some members of the liberal community.