‘Poldark’ Season 4: Has Elizabeth Moved On From Ross? Is She In Love With George? [Opinion]

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As Ross Poldark’s long-time nemesis, George Warleggan, and Ross’ first love, Elizabeth Chynoweth Poldark Warleggan, have been somewhat defined by their respective relationship with Ross Poldark. However, Poldark Season 3 gave viewers a chance to see Elizabeth and George in a totally different light.

The duo’s journey in Season 3 has set up an interesting dynamic between them for Poldark Season 4, as a scene from the Season 3 finale seemed to raise the question of whether Elizabeth is actually in love with her husband.

When Aunt Agatha taunted George with the truth about Valentine’s paternity, the allegation consumed him, and it culminated in one of the most surprising scenes of the Season 3 finale. In it, Elizabeth (Heida Reed) managed to convince George (Jack Farthing) that she had only been with her first husband, Francis Poldark, and him.

Elizabeth’s emotional plea appeared to break George, and though he seemed convinced of Valentine’s paternity, he went to the ocean, where he ran into Ross. His disposition was hard to characterize as settled, so it is unclear if Ross’ plan actually worked. In that moment with Elizabeth, it had appeared to.

What was clearer is that Elizabeth’s feelings for her husband seem to be running deeper than they originally had. While she argued with Ross about salvaging her marriage, she was easily convinced to do it to help her son. When Ross (Aidan Turner) mentions how George reacted to seeing her for the first time, her face is soft, and she is far from outraged by hearing of her husband’s obvious affection for her.

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For most of Season 3, Elizabeth was rather attentive to George’s emotional needs, and when he pulled away from her and baby Valentine toward the end of Episode 6 and throughout Episode 7, she appeared genuinely hurt by his indifference. If Elizabeth only cared about George as a husband of convenience, would she have really been that bothered by it?

While Ross and Demelza’s marriage fell apart in Season 3, George and Elizabeth’s has flourished. George treated Elizabeth as a partner with whom he strategized most of his decisions and party plans. He treated her as a valued resource, something Demelza clearly wishes Ross would treat her as.

It is hard not to think of George and Elizabeth as anything other than the power couple of Poldark Season 3. They managed to survive adversities, and Elizabeth went out of her way to assure her husband’s happiness.

While she had needed the aid of medication earlier in the season, it was unclear if it was George’s role as a magistrate that had driven her to take it or the traumatic birth of baby Valentine, which took her some time to recover from.

Elizabeth’s new marriage has given her a voice she has never quite had before. She stood up to George countless times during Season 3, and he was shown thoughtfully considering her opinions.

As for her cousin Morwenna’s political marriage, it is something she clearly struggles with approving of. Without knowing the depths of Osborne’s depravity, her pragmatic mind knows it will benefit her cousin more than a marriage to the slothful Drake Carne.

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The Season 3 finale was a turning point in the Warleggans’ marriage. When Elizabeth confronts George with his suspicions, they share an electrifying conversation, wherein she appears to register genuine feelings for George. She knows everything she is convincing him of is a lie, and there is a flicker of conflict that actress Heida Reed excellently conveys as that fact weighs on her.

In that moment, one has to wonder if Elizabeth is only convincing George for her and her son’s protection or because she genuinely wants George to be spared the pain of knowing the truth. Having not read the books, observing the series is this viewer’s only guide to knowing for sure.

Either way, Elizabeth and George are shaping up to be the power couple of Poldark all over again in Season 4. According to Radio Times, the fourth season is expected to be the penultimate of the series.

With Elizabeth realizing she cannot be with Ross and seeming to embrace her life with George, much like she did with Frances toward the end of his life, she seems to be working to make the most of her new life. Find out if that continues when Season 4 premieres. According to Radio Times, the next season is expected to air in the U.K. during the summer of 2018, which means it should air on PBS Masterpiece sometime after in 2018.