‘The Perfectionist’: Just Let Go Of ‘Pretty Little Liars’ And Start Fresh [Opinion]

Kevin WinterGetty Images

After a successful show, there will always be fans wanting more. And, such is the case with Pretty Little Liars. After the final episode fans went stir crazy that their favorite characters were gone for good, But, thanks to the creative mind of I. Marlene King and the dazzling writing of Sara Shepard, some of the PLL crew is back with The Perfectionist. But why?

The Perfectionists is hailed as a spinoff of Pretty Little Liars according to TVLine when it really shouldn’t be. One way to destroy the credibility of a popular show is to continue its legacy through another. Instead of building off the success of PLL, why not start fresh? I get the direction Freeform is trying to go in but why not just grab Sasha Pieterse and Janel Parrish and build something entirely different? I mean, fans will still flock to the show regardless.

How can The Perfectionist be a spinoff when there is nothing to spin?

According to Freeform, the show will be centered around Alison DiLaurentis and Mona Vanderwaal in a town called Beacon Heights. With The Perfectionist first penned as a novel, the show creators might have decided to go another route instead of five girls being framed for murder. But still, there are too many questions a show like this can raise if it’s a spinoff. The main one will be, if Alison is in the show, then where are Emily and the kids? One of the biggest storylines of PLL was the relationship of Emerson. What sense does it make to have Alison move out of Rosewood without her wife?

As for Mona, she was last seen in Pairs holding A.D. and Mary hostage. What happened to them? Did she kill them or did she set them free? Also, what’s intriguing is the casting of the two characters as leads. Throughout Pretty Little Liars‘ existence, the relationship between Mona and Alison was rocky at best. But now, Freeform may try to have them as buddies in The Perfectionist? How exactly does that work?

If there was to be a spinoff, then it was best kept in Rosewood where other characters could make an appearance. If there will be no Emily, Aria, Spencer, Caleb and the others, what’s the point of dragging the brand on? King is creative enough to find a way to make this work with a storyline but it won’t work due to the absence of the most important characters.

While Mona and Alison were major parts of PLL, they by far were not the most important. King took the characters with the least amount of PLL screentime and decided to extend their fandom with false hopes. It’s almost the same as they tried to do with Caleb and Ravenswood. The idea was good but he couldn’t carry that show without the others.

One of the best scenes in PLL was Alison finally admitting her love for Emily and now she’s nowhere to be found.

I guess it’s back to the drawing board for fans with the same tired questions. Who killed who, for what reasons and how do we stop them? Sorry, but we’ve been here before and it just won’t be the same without the original players.