‘Arrow’: Why John Diggle May Be The Mole And Not Even Know It [Opinion]

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The relationship between John Diggle and Oliver Queen on Arrow is one of the best bromances on television, however, that’s not to say they haven’t encountered their fair share of bad times. Diggle started out as the driver and personal bodyguard for the spoiled rich kid when Oliver came home but little did John know, Oliver was out saving the city. As their bond grew, so did the love each has for the other which led to Oliver letting John in on his most treasured secret.

While John didn’t understand why Oliver was doing what he was, he learned to appreciate the results in the end. But then John joined the team and decided to fight side-by-side with the man he calls his brother and with that may have led to the mole allegations.

See, John is loyal to Oliver but what if John is the mole? This could be a case where John said the wrong thing to someone and they took that information and ran to the FBI with it. Need more proof? Let me explain.

It all starts with his wife Lyla. When Oliver handed over the suit to John, Lyla even admitted to herself that it turned her on by coming home to the Green Arrow. But, John is not really the Arrow. She does know that, right? Lyla runs A.R.G.U.S. which has helped, captured, and used people with abilities for their own doing. Do we remember, at one point, Oliver even worked for them? But, with Oliver now out of the picture and John in as the leader, Lyla can have her way.

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While we see her as the head of A.R.G.U.S., John still sees her as his wife. Lyla loves John but what if she’s playing the long game here? What if taking Oliver out was always her plan from the beginning? John is a strong man but let”s be real here, he’s no Oliver. John has said plenty of times that he’s nothing but a soldier that’s used to taking orders and not giving them. Then you add in Lyla who is better at giving them and you have the perfect team.

Maybe, just maybe, she’s manipulating her husband. While Lyla is not a member of Team Arrow, she does know everything about them from their loved ones to their true identities. Taking down Oliver would be child’s play for her. Now, what if this is bigger than exposing Oliver? I mean, taking out the head of Team Arrow could work in two ways for her. One, sending Oliver away would mean that John is the leader for good and that will give Lyla access to her personal team of bodyguards.

On the other hand, she could use that information to also send John away, thus resulting in no one being there to stop A.R.G.U.S. from committing any more illegal activity. But, I’m not saying that John gave Oliver up. John is easily the mole by association. According to Screen Rant, the truth about the mole will be exposed on “Irreconcilable Differences.” If this theory is true, then John may have betrayed his friend by being married to the real enemy and not even know it.