President Trump Begins The Week By Endorsing Alleged Sex Pest Roy Moore On Twitter [Opinion]

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We have become used to seeing U.S. President Donald Trump using his Twitter account to stir up controversy. Even by Trump’s standards last week was remarkable. In the space of one short week, we saw Trump use Twitter to publicly endorse the views of a British far-right hate group and attack British Prime Minister Theresa May. That was just the beginning, over the weekend Trump attacked the Department of Justice, Hillary Clinton, the Mueller investigation, and the FBI. We even saw Trump claim that he knew Michael Flynn had lied to the FBI over his contacts with Russia before he fired him last February.

If you were hoping for a quiet week after last week’s excitement, you can forget it. President Trump just started this week on Twitter by publicly endorsing Republican Senate hopeful, and alleged sex pest, Roy Moore. President Trump used his favorite medium to claim that the U.S. needs Roy Moore to win the Senate race in Alabama because Democrats failed to vote for his proposed tax reforms.

Trump also said that he needs Moore in the Senate to support his immigration, border wall, guns, and anti-abortion plans. As reported by the Independent, Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore comes less than a week after White House officials claimed that Trump would not campaign for Moore.


Donald Trump And Roy Moore: Birds Of A Feather Flock Together

Trump’s endorsement of Roy Moore is controversial. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Moore is facing allegations that he pursued sexual relationships with children as young as 14 when he was in his 30s. Even Trump’s daughter and advisor Ivanka Trump has spoken out against Moore.

As reported by The Guardian, NBA Hall-of-Famer Charles Barkley spoke out over the weekend about Moore’s links to white supremacist groups and with Trump’s former advisor Steve Bannon.

Donald Trump endorses alleged sex pest roy moore
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Of course, none of these things are sufficient to put Donald Trump off supporting Moore. Trump’s sharing of messages by white supremacist group Britain First last week, his links to Bannon, and his comments supporting the far-right groups responsible for the protests in Charlotteville earlier this year show that Trump is happy to endorse far-right views.

There is, of course, another elephant in the room. Trump himself is alleged to be a sex pest. Last week The Guardian published a list of women who allege that Donald Trump has sexually assaulted them. Even Trump’s former wife Ivana claims that Trump raped her.

Last week also saw Trump roll back on the infamous Access Hollywood tape. During the presidential election campaign, Trump claimed that his “grab them by the p***y” comments were simply “locker room banter.” Last week Trump changed tack, claiming that the voice on the tape was not his.

This adds up to a president who is totally lacking in moral fiber. Being an alleged sex pest, racist, misogynist, or white supremacist is no bar to a seat at Donald Trump’s table. The opposite seems to be true. When President Donald Trump sees people who behave in this way, he sees a mirror image of himself. Trump’s narcissism is so strong that he is unable to see anything wrong with people who act in the same way that he does.

That is why President Donald Trump is prepared to support Roy Moore.