Ivanka Trump Gives It A Go, But Slammed As ‘Superficial’ In A Cultural Tribute — Deemed ‘Botox Barbie’ [Opinion]

Mahesh Kumar A.AP Images

It is easy to recognize that Ivanka Trump wasn’t wearing her usual style, which is somewhere between elegant and collegiate, but she was making an attempt to put her best foot forward. Ivanka received kudos for her trip to India when it came to the messages contained within the speeches she gave, but from the time she stepped off the plane, her attire wasn’t met with stellar reviews.

Ivanka was called a “Botox Barbie” by one publication called the Daily O in India, according to the Daily Mail. The most criticism was doled out for her choice of fashion while on her solo trip to India. So far, Ivanka has not made mention of this criticism which bubbled up from her attempt to wear the somewhat traditional garb of the land.

Apparently, that was part of the problem. Ivanka’s very elaborate and very expensive dresses that seemed to have a flare of Indian fashion about them, were seen as a “satirical tribute” to the culture, cites the Daily Mail. One Indian news outlet accused Ivanka of making a “superficial assimilation of their culture.”

According to Hollywood Life, Ivanka got the same type of chastising during her trip to Japan, when she wore attire with a Japanese flare, like a cherry blossom print dress that she received backlash for.

You could see that Ivanka’s choice of gowns and dresses were created with India in mind, but sometimes you just can’t beat the real deal. The India news outlet commented on her many different outfits she wore while in the country.

“Being totally tone-deaf to the nuances of public appearance (to be fair, she only has her father as her role model).”

It appears whoever wrote that article was not a Donald Trump fan, so Ivanka had that against her before the pen was in the hand of the writer. While the dresses that Ivanka wore during her India trip looked terrific on the American runway of a fashion show, they didn’t fit in with the actual culture it was sculpted after, according to what the reports convey.

Ivanka Trump in India-inspired dress This was one of the dresses that Ivanka wore in India that came under scrutiny for its lack of authenticity.

Bandana Tewari, who is the editor at large of Vogue India, said she would have like to have seen more designs made in India, rather than clothes made elsewhere in an attempt to look like authentic India garments.

“We would rather see her wear a hand-woven sari made in our country or a handmade gown made in her own country. But to hybridize the two, in an era of unfiltered diversity, is a superfluous nod to half-acceptance.”

It sounds like Ivanka’s mistake in the eyes of the fashion reporters in India was trying to “do what the Romans do while in Rome,” but instead of coming with authentic clothes made in India, those dresses were made elsewhere to look like the fashion of the culture. In other words, she came with outside props.