When Are We Going To Say ‘Enough Is Enough’ And Demand An End To This Donald Trump Nightmare? [Opinion]

Andrew HarnikAP Images

On Wednesday morning, when Donald Trump tweeted out three rabidly anti-Muslim videos from Jayda Fransen, the deputy leader of Britain First, a radical and racist right-wing hate group, it was merely the latest, most jaw-dropping outrage in a seemingly endless stream of them. The same morning, in another tweet, Trump basically accused MSNBC’s Morning Joe host Joe Scarborough of committing murder. The day before that he had used an event supposedly in honor of World War II Navajo code talkers to refer to Elizabeth Warren using an obvious racial slur. Tomorrow it will be something else. The day after that, another line we thought would never be crossed by a United States president will be gleefully danced over by Trump. So, at this point I have to ask, what are we waiting for? Why are we not marching in the streets, demanding that this incompetent, delusional disaster of a president be removed from office?

Why are we, the people of the United States of America, allowing this travesty to continue? We seem content to argue with Trump supporters and among ourselves on Facebook and Twitter, while we wait for Robert Mueller or the Republicans in Congress to appear like superheroes and save us from this nightmare. We’re standing idly and meekly by while our cherished ideals and traditions are ground into the mud beneath the boot heel of this ridiculous con-man. How much more is it going to take? What is the line he has to cross before we can’t take another thing and start to act to do something about it? Does he have to start a war? Get somebody killed? Get a whole bunch of people killed? What is it?

Well, for me it is the videos he tweeted on Wednesday. There is no excuse for retweeting such nakedly inflammatory hatred. The intent of these reckless tweets is to incite anger and violence towards people of the Muslim faith, who at their core are no different than the people of the Christian faith. Oh sure, the tweets have the secondary purpose of detracting from the Trump-Russia investigation and the Republicans draconian tax plan, but the main purpose of Donald Trump tweeting them is to incite his rabid, cult-like base to even greater levels of hatred than they are already at. If you haven’t seen them, the videos purport to show, according to an article in The Guardian, an Islamist mob pushing a boy off a roof and beating him to death, a Muslim man destroying a statue of the Virgin Mary, and a Muslim migrant boy beating up a Dutch boy on crutches.

One of the videos has already been demonstrated to be a fake and the authenticity of the others is in question. That reality seems not to matter at all, however, to either the president or his spokespeople. According to a CNN article, Trump’s spokesperson Sarah Huckabee Sanders has said that it isn’t important if the videos are real or not.

“Whether it is a real video, the threat is real. That is what the President is talking about, that is what the President is focused on is dealing with those real threats, and those are real no matter how you look at it.”

This is obviously Trumpian double-speak of the highest order. The White House knows the message they are giving out is nonsense. They know that we know it’s nonsense, but it doesn’t matter at all. What’s important is that people in America hate Muslims, and any means to achieve that end is perfectly acceptable as far as Donald Trump and his enablers are concerned.

Well, I for one have had enough. I refuse to wake up morning after morning wondering what new desecration of our dignity and ideals has been visited on us by Donald Trump, who, against all odds and counter to any reason, somehow manages to occupy the position of most powerful person in the world.

This mistake of a president who, more than likely, was only able to win his position because of a Russian plot against our democracy and way of life, and assaults our morals and ethics and sense of decency on a daily basis, making us laughing stocks to the entire world, is not fit to spend one more day in office. Especially now, when tensions with North Korea have reached an all-time high and the last thing on Earth we need is this puffed-up egomaniac’s fingers on the nuclear button.

No more, I say, no more. For me, the line has been crossed. It’s time we stood up as one and demanded that possibly the darkest and most incomprehensible period in American history come to a screeching halt once and for all. Donald Trump has got to go. Not tomorrow. Not the next time he does or says something so beyond the pale that it leaves us stunned and gaping in disbelief. Donald Trump has got to go right this very minute.

Hasn’t he done enough already? If we don’t stop him now, when do we stop him? When are we going to say “enough is enough,” stand up, and demand an end to this Donald Trump nightmare?