Charlie Sheen: American Bad Boy [Opinion]

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Eyebrows were raised when Sheen was accused of allegedly sexually abusing Corey Haim. The actor is no stranger to controversy but his questionable lifestyle in the past continues to speak against him.

Charlie Sheen, is well known for his movies among other things, according to Daveney Nicole (formerly Kacey Jordan) at the Daily Beast.

“[He’s] kind of like OJ, he gets away with murder.”

Sheen has been accused of violence, violent threats, and sexual misconduct. The latest allegation by Brascia that Sheen abused Corey Haim continues to haunt him because of his lifestyle.

Sheen reportedly said, “Marty Singer might be the only person who’s f**ked more people in Hollywood than I have.”

Hollywood lawyer Marty Singer has been influential in making things go away for Sheen, according to Vanity Fair. The accusation against Sheen by Dominic Brascia concerning Corey Haim seems believable because of Sheen’s notoriety.

However, Corey’s mother has refuted claims that Sheen abused Corey, and she denies any form of sexual abuse. She affirms that there was a form of sex involving a man and her son. Another of Sheen’s exes, Brett Rossi, told TMZ that Charlie has done a lot of bad things to a lot of good people and ruined a lot of lives, but he continues to live without any punishment.

“He seems to get away with a lot of things.”

Charlie Sheen has allegedly assaulted, threatened, harassed, and abused women, according to Jezebel. However, the focus of Sheen’s life has been his partying lifestyle. The #MeToo campaign has unearthed dark secrets recently, but no one has come forward with any strong allegations against Sheen.

Sheen’s image remains tainted, but his popularity remains untainted. The actor continues to tour the U.S. without any more bad behavior. However, Americans continue to wonder how Sheen has managed to survive with the number of allegations against him in the past.

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The 51-year-old Hollywood star has created a bad reputation and continues to struggle to get back on top. Sheen has struggled with HIV since 2011, and he spent millions keeping his secret hidden until 2015. The actor’s reckless behavior has not only ruined his reputation but has also affected his net worth. His estimated net worth is now $20 million, down from $150 million in 2011.