‘Criminal Minds’ First 10 Seasons Marathons On We TV: Will Reruns Get Better Ratings Than Season 13? [Opinion]

Criminal Minds might need a time machine to fix their ailing ratings. While their first 11 seasons attracted over 10 million viewers, the aging crime drama has lost a significant number of viewers in the last two seasons following the departure of Shemar Moore and Thomas Gibson. Season 13 has only six million average weekly viewers, according to TV Series Finale.

We TV, a cable channel, however, has a solution for fans who love the first 10 seasons of Criminal Minds but lost interest with the departure of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore. We TV has the next best thing to a time machine. They plan to run marathons of Criminal Minds reruns. We TV will be showing Seasons 1 through 10 only according to Cinema Blend.

Criminal Minds boycotters, like those of #NoHotchNoWatch, can watch Criminal Minds with Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore on We TV, all day long every Saturday. We TV has scheduled “all-day binge-a-thons” to satisfy the most avid of Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore fans.

Fans can watch Criminal Minds on We TV, from 10 a.m. Saturday, December 16, until 5 a.m. Sunday morning. Episode 5 of Season 1 through Season 2’s Episode 2 will be featured on the first “all-day binge-a-thon.” See the We TV schedule to verify future times and dates.

While Shemar Moore’s departure could have spelled the beginning of the end for Criminal Minds, CBS and ABC may have dealt a deadly blow to the aging crime drama when they terminated Thomas Gibson.

Shemar Moore went out in quest of a dream job after Season 11 and landed the starring role in the CBS police drama, S.W.A.T. Thomas Gibson was terminated from Criminal Minds by ABC and CBS, in the second episode of Season 12, due to an altercation with Executive Co-Producer Virgil Williams.

Many Criminal Minds fans were offended by the way Thomas Gibson was treated in the media, following his termination. Thomas Gibson fans and others who once loved the show, formed a fan protest group called #NoHotchNoWatch to boycott Criminal Minds until Thomas Gibson was allowed to return.

Sadly CBS and ABC have refused to concede to the demands of Thomas Gibson’s fan base. In the past, CBS has given in to these types of demands, but apparently not this time.

Without Thomas Gibson and Shemar Moore, Criminal Minds seems to have lost its way. Ratings just keep dropping. Meanwhile, the first 10 seasons are prime candidates for rerun binge watching. That is why We TV has “acquired” seasons 1 – 10 of Criminal Minds.

Thomas Gibson, A.J. Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler
Thomas Gibson, A.J. Cook and Matthew Gray Gubler Image By Kathy Hutchins Shutterstock

With Criminal Minds prime time ratings dropping, could it be possible We TV’s Saturday binges of reruns might surpass CBS Wednesday primetime ratings? Would that make CBS take notice?

We TV is planning all day marathons of Criminal Minds reruns every Saturday, beginning at 10 a.m.

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