In Today’s Politics, Absolutely Nothing Is Sacred: Not Even A Woman’s Body [Opinion]

There is something very surreal about what is going on in this country today and the “Great American Experiment” appears to be in more jeopardy now than ever before. As partisan politics continues its transformation into tribalism, it also teeters on something even more sinister.

While most Americans are accustomed to the mud-slinging that is inherent with politics, there has been a gradual shift from the normal fare, that becomes fodder for consumption of the electorate, to things that are markedly distasteful and distinctly inappropriate. The days of accusations of malfeasance and other skulduggery, laced with customary insults to one’s party affiliation have given way to rabid politicization of virtually any talking point that can be broadcast to the public — no matter how unpleasant the subject matter.

Meanwhile, the American body-politic has become a place where rationalism and common sense has apparently gone to die, only to be replaced with cognitive dissonance and mindless loyalty to political party, regardless of what the situation is.

Now comes several women, perhaps empowered by the #MeToo movement, who have shed the crushing burdens that they have carried for so long, only to become victims again. It is a sad state of affairs when victims of sexual assault, abuse, and harassment, finally feel strong enough to come forward to share their ordeals, only to be batted back and publicly ridiculed by those who claim to defend the rights of victims.

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When the strength of party affiliation becomes stronger than the morals that party claims to uphold, something is very wrong. When political wrangling and maneuvering takes precedence over the truth, there is a serious detachment. When the American people are told it is better to accept indiscretion in return for the proverbial “30 pieces of silver,” there is something badly broken within today’s political system.

It is quite disturbing when misogyny, homophobia, ​xenophobia, and bigotry becomes the order of the day, and things that used to matter, such as national unity have been cast away. It now appears that the American credo of “one nation, under God, indivisible, with Liberty and Justice for all” has all but been relegated to simple words set into a piece of prose.

In this new paradigm, all of the things that really make America great are rapidly being replaced by something else. That “something” is a malevolence that is wrapped in a cloak of nationalism and disguised as patriotism. Although there are always shifts in American politics, there has not been such a regression since the time of “Jim Crow.”

With all the talk about the sanctity of American elections and how to prevent interference from the outside, it is ironic that when it comes to the issue of women who have been victimized, there appears to be a double standard.

When the voices of victims are drowned out by the noise of partisanship, there is truly something broken within that party. For a group to ignore the suffering of innocents at the hands of those in power and somehow justify it, is the apex of duplicity.

When political partisanship outweighs the pain of a child, it is something to take notice of — even if that child is now a woman. There is supposed to be strength in numbers, but perhaps when those numbers consist of abuse victims they do not carry as much weight in certain circles of influence.

In this world there are still some things that should be sacred, however, in this new political status quo, absolutely nothing is sacred. From a victim’s ability to be heard and have her claims considered on the same ground as her assailant, to the veiled suggestion that it is somehow okay to commit horrendous acts, as long as you are part of a certain political party, nothing is sacred in politics anymore — not even a woman’s body and her right to not be violated.

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