Cheerleaders’ Mothers Breathe Sighs Of Relief As Roy Moore Not Expected At Iron Bowl [Opinion]

Mothers of Alabama and Auburn cheerleaders can breathe a sigh of relief.

MSNBC reported this morning that the Republican candidate for U. S. Senate Judge Roy Moore will be a no-show Saturday afternoon when the University of Auburn plays host to the Crimson Tide of Alabama in the annual Iron Bowl.

The attention of the national media has been focused for the past several weeks on the Alabama Senate race and the reports concerning Republican candidate Judge Roy Moore and his alleged preference for girls in their teens.

While that has been a topic of conversation in Alabama, as well, it is not the primary concern of most Alabamians. That would be the Iron Bowl.

Democratic candidate for U. S. Senate Doug Jones will be there. And why not? He doesn’t have to worry about all of the picky little problems that would face his opponent if Roy Moore showed his face in Auburn this afternoon.

If Moore made an appearance and got anywhere near the cheerleaders for either side, the national media would have a field day.

Nothing would bring more clicks or sell more papers than a picture of the septuagenarian candidate with an alleged predilection for younger women (much younger women) standing next to scantily clad teenagers.

It could even cause him problems in Alabama where the latest polls have Moore leading Jones by two points despite all of the publicity his reported misadventures with teenagers (some of his critics are calling it pedophilia, but most are just calling it gross).

It is not that the people in his home state would turn on Moore if they saw him standing next to cheerleaders.

If he stood next to the Auburn cheerleaders, he could lose the Crimson Tide vote and vice versa.

In Alabama, they take their football seriously.

It’s not that the people of Alabama don’t cherish the virtue of their teen cheerleaders. A Huffington Post this week featured a police officer saying she and others were told to keep an eye on Moore at high school football games and keep him away from the cheerleaders.

That was probably an unnecessary precaution. If you can take Roy Moore at his word, he would never approach a high school girl without first asking for her mother’s permission.

Alabama U S. Senate candidate Roy Moore, who has not scheduled a public event in more than a week, has no plans to attend the Alabama-Auburn football game, according to his campaign. [Image by Hal Yeager/AP Images]

Surely the same would hold true for a college cheerleader. It is hard to believe that Judge Moore would even engage in a conversation with one before first announcing his intentions to her mother.

How would a mother prepare for that conversation?

Hopefully, most of them would tell Roy Moore to stick with women his age.

Considering the events of the past few weeks, you have to wonder how many Alabama mothers would reluctantly approve as long as the 70-year-old man who was asking wasn’t a Democrat.

[Featured Image by Hal Yeager/AP Images]