Donald Trump Uses Black Friday To Demonstrate His Narcissism As Hundreds Killed In Egypt [Opinion]

Over the past 12 months, President Donald Trump has been described as mentally ill on numerous occasions. Experts in the field of psychiatry have lined up to claim that Trump has a narcissistic personality disorder. Of course, none of these experts have actually examined President Trump, but that hasn’t stopped former Republican Senator Tom Coburn from calling out Trump’s mental health. As reported by Newsweek, Coburn, a medical doctor, said that “we have a leader who has a personality disorder.” Those who believe that Trump is mentally unstable need look no further than the president’s Twitter feed from Black Friday.

As the U.S. went shopping on Black Friday, hundreds of people were slaughtered while praying at a Sufi Mosque in the Northern part of Egypt’s Sinai desert. At least 235 people were killed, and over 100 injured, in what is believed to be Egypt’s worst ever terrorist attack. As reported by the Independent, Trump’s response to the Black Friday Egyptian massacre was to use it as a means of promoting his border wall with Mexico and his travel ban on people from a list of mainly Muslim countries.

Trump’s response to the Black Friday attack in Egypt is typical of the man. President Trump’s natural instinct seems to be to make every story about him. Trump’s comments about the Egyptian terrorist attack were not his only comments about unrest in the Middle East yesterday. Trump also tweeted that he would speak to President Erdogan of Turkey and bring about peace in the region.

Donald Trump Egypt Black Friday
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No one would argue that bringing about peace in the Middle East is not a laudable aim, but what makes Trump believe that he will succeed when so many have failed before him. Trump may be narcissistic enough to believe his own message, and again he tries to make a century of conflict in the Middle East all about him.

Further evidence of Trump’s narcissism also emerged on Black Friday when he claimed that Time Magazine “probably” wanted to make him “Man of the Year.” Trump told his Twitter followers that he had turned Time down because he wanted guarantees. As reported by the BBC, Time Magazine was quick to deny Trump’s claim when they tweeted that “the President is incorrect.” In Donald Trump, we seem to have a man who is such a narcissist that he feels it necessary to explain why he didn’t win an award, weeks before the award is even announced.

If you thought that Donald Trump’s Black Friday narcissism ended there, you would be wrong. As reported by Newsweek, Trump took to Facebook to promote Black Friday deals on his own merchandise. That move will add grist to the mill of those who accuse President Trump of unethically using the presidency to line his own pockets.

Even then the stream of narcissism from Trump didn’t end. The president also informed us that he was off to play golf, this time with Tiger Woods and Dustin Johnson. Trump’s days on the golf course is hardly news. According to Trump Golf Count website, he has spent 10 weeks of his 10-month presidency on the golf course, at a cost to the tax-payer of a cool $82 million. Not bad for a president who once claimed that “he would never stop working” for the American people.

It almost defies belief that President Trump posted all of these messages during a single Black Friday. We won’t even go into Trump’s comments to the father of the basketball player he claims he got out of jail in China. We will leave it with a story from today’s news. The Daily Mail reports that actor Woody Harrelson says he had to “go outside to smoke a joint” to get through a dinner with Donald Trump. Harrelson said that Trump was “vulgar and a relentless narcissist who only talked about himself.”

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