NBA Trade Rumors: Los Angeles Clippers Should Make A Move On Emmanuel Mudiay [Opinion]

The Los Angeles Clippers might be fighting a losing battle this season. First, they lose Chris Paul in a trade with the Houston Rockets, then whispers began about a possible DeAndre Jordan trade according to Bleacher Report. Now, their starting point guard Patrick Beverley is out for the season as reported by ESPN early Wednesday afternoon. What will the Clippers do with so much of the season still to be played?

Doc Rivers can go the route of starting his son Austin Rivers but will he be enough to get the Clippers over the hump in a tough Western Conference? There are solutions for the Clippers if they’re serious about being a contender and not tanking the season away.

If Rivers is not the lead guy they want then the Clippers may need to reach out to the Denver Nuggets regarding Emmanuel Mudiay. A trade here should not come as a total shock as this might be what the Nuggets have wished for. Mudiay has not lived up to his billing and with the Nuggets going with Jamal Murray, moving Mudiay to the Clippers will rid them of a player they no longer want.

By adding Mudiay (11.5 points, 3.5 assists), it will give the Clippers a lead guy who’s more than willing to share the ball. What the Clippers need is a player who can get to the rim and knock down the perimeter shot. What’s best about trading for Mudiay is the light hit it will take on the Clippers salary cap. With the Clippers’ cap already bloated thanks to three huge deals, Mudiay’s contract ($3.8 million in 2017) will be a relief of sorts.

While struggling in Denver, Mudiay has not been paired with the talent he will have in Los Angeles with the Clippers. While the Nuggets had Paul Millsap, the Clips will deploy a frontcourt of Griffin (22.7 points, 7.8 rebounds) and DeAndre Jordan (10.1 points, 13.7 rebounds).

What the Clippers may have to give up is a second round pick, but that’s peanuts when in comparison to losing their season and possibly Jordan if things don’t iron themselves out in Los Angeles. What a move like this would mean for the current Clippers is stability. Doc Rivers will not need to change his lineup by taking Rivers from the shooting guard position and sliding him back to point guard. This move will also keep former Sixth Man of the Year, Lou Williams in his proper role as leader of the second unit.

While this is all rumors, it also might be one of the best deals the Clippers could make if tanking is not in their plans.

[Featured Image by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images]