‘Justice League’: With One Scene, Superman Proved Why He’s The Leader [Opinion]

The lead up to the Justice League for one fan was heartbreaking. Watching promos for the movie left me wondering where my favorite DC Comic character was? Everything was Batman, Wonder Woman, The Flash, Aquaman, and Cyborg, but where was Superman? According to the Los Angeles Times, Superman is dead. I mean, he is by far the most powerful of them all, and that includes Marvel characters. But yet, there was no real mention of him returning.

With Bruce Wayne heading across the world to recruit people with powers and Wonder Woman still on a guilt trip over losing Steve, the movie opened up kind of slow. Fans were shown scenes of Lois Lane and Martha Kent still mourning the death of Clark Kent aka Superman. As the team finally assembled, they realized they were no match for the evil Steppenwolf. And, just as quick, came to the conclusion that only one person could turn the tide in their favor.

As the team argued over whether or not to bring Superman back, they each knew he provided the only hope to defeat Steppenwolf. But, each member cautioned that there could be consequences, especially if Batman was around. Batman and Superman did not have the best of first encounters during BvS; it was a risk worth taking. Batman knew his presence might be needed for the greater good of mankind, he just hoped that Superman would see it the same way.

With one touch, Superman arose from the dead, thus resulting in the best scene from the Justice League.

If there were any doubts who the leader of the team was, Superman answered that in his first five minutes back. Throughout the movie, the debate was either Batman or Wonder Woman as lead. Superman, however, proved to each member of the Justice League why he’s the savior. After his rebirth, there was an awkward standoff between the six heroes. While Superman was trying to regain his wits, Cyborg accidentally shot a laser at Superman which set off an event that proved why he’s the leader.

After the shot, Superman went on the attack and not a single member stood a chance. At one point during the epic battle, the team tried to rush him but was met with resistance. Superman not only stood his ground but had time to give The Flash one of the funniest side-eye glances ever. Just as Superman was about to finish off The Flash, Batman came on the scene and for a moment, Superman had me standing up in the middle of the theater.

With one hand, he lifted Batman off the ground and asked him “Do you bleed?” As chilling as that was, it may have been the line before that proved how dominant of a figure Superman is. Batman told Superman that the world needs him and Superman’s reply let Batman and the rest of the team know their true standing as he asked him “does it need you?”

As Lois arrived on the scene, Superman released Batman and flew off with his wife. Within a few minutes, order was restored within the Justice League and the debate on who is the leader was held to a whisper.

Justice League before Superman was below average, but it took one scene to make it good.

[Featured Image by Emma McIntyre/Getty Images]