‘Grey’s Anatomy’: Hey Jackson, Just Kiss Maggie And Get It Over With [Opinion]

The midseason finale of Grey’s Anatomy was as intense as a season finale. The major drama was vintage Grey’s but it was the awkwardness of Jackson Avery and Maggie Pierce that had fans throwing insults at the TV. All season, we’ve waited for that moment where colleagues became friends, friends became brother and sister, and family became lovers. But, it hasn’t happened yet and truthfully, we’re getting irritated.

What’s the holdup? Why is Grey’s Anatomy dragging this would-be romance on longer than they should? I can understand the Alex Karev and Jo Wilson plot, but Jackson and Maggie are taking just a little too long to unfold.

To begin with, I never thought of Jackson and Maggie as a possible couple. Jackson is straight to the point while Maggie is an acquired taste. However, that might be the reason they are perfect for each other. Before her death, Maggies’ mom told her to enjoy life, and I guess Jackson was next on her bucket list. Jackson, still not understanding his place in April’s life, has taken his bachelor status to a new level.

But here’s the thing about Jackson that may have drawn Maggie in, he’s a family man. Jackson may not have known his father, but his mother still raised him on family values. Look at his track record when it comes to relationships. He went from Stephanie Edwards to April, to losing April then stealing her away at the last possible moment during her wedding to another man. Talk about a hopeless romantic.

Maggie has been a bit reserved on the relationship front, but that’s due to her standards. Now, she has eyes for Jackson and neither she nor he has done anything about it. It seems each week they grow closer but yet are still so far apart. Maggie is old school where she may be waiting for Jackson to make the first move. But, in the back of Jackson’s head is his mother and Webber’s marriage. Since Webber is Maggie’s biological father and he’s now married to Jackson’s mother, that sort of makes them brother and sister. Not saying it won’t be weird but why not go for it anyway?

In “Out of Nowhere,” Jackson and Maggie were at the edge of the cliff ready to jump but then–blood and lots of it. It’s like the universe is trying to tell them something and they’re not listening. The chemistry is there and all it will take is for Jackson to revert back to the guy who ran into a church alone and came out with someone else’s bride.

When the helicopter finally lands and the blood is off their faces, Jackson needs to man up, take Maggie’s face in his hands and plant one on her. If he can’t do it for him, then please do it for us (fans). While most fans are against this union, it might be just what Jackson and April need to wake up from their respective love comas and see they’re meant for each other.

[Featured Image by Christopher Polk/Getty Images for EIF]