‘Dragon Ball Super’: Will Android 17 And 18, Or Goku And Vegeta Fuse? [Opinion]

After the Kefla and Goku battle, theories of another Potara Fusion are circulating within the Dragon Ball Super fandom. Speculations over Android 17 and 18, or Goku and Vegeta merging are being discussed whether it will commence in the current arc, the Tournament of Power.

We all witnessed the Omni-King allowing the use of the Potara Earrings in the tournament. Also, Beerus and the rest of the Universes succumbing to the idea of fusing two warriors in the competition.

Primarily, Android 17 and 18 are the main protagonists speculated to execute the Potara Fusion, knowing that both characters will be the highlights of the upcoming episodes. So, will Android 35 (Android 17 and 18’s merged form) be the next fusion for Dragon Ball Super?

To speculate the possibilities, we checked the official titles for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117, which is said to be the focus episode for the Androids. Apparently, there is no hint, nor sign of a Potara Fusion. Moreover, we validated the source of the Android’s fusion theory, to determine whether the claim is a possibility or not.

The theory of Android 17 and 18’s fusion sprung when Shin raised the idea to Beerus in Dragon Ball Super Episode 115. Then, the speculations went further when a fake photo of Android 35 circulated. Having an open mind to possibilities can somehow convince ourselves to believe it is going to happen. In fact, it’s not just Android 17 and 18 that are suspected to merge in the Tournament of Power. Goku and Vegeta are theorized to execute the Potara Fusion too.


To get our answers straight, and determine the scale of possibilities, I talked to Ken Xyro, a Dragon Ball Super spoiler translator, and theorizer. He claimed that, indeed, the fuss regarding the Android 17 and 18 Potara Fusion heightened when the fake photo of Android 35 circulated on the internet. He firmly agreed that this theory of Android 35 would not happen in the Tournament of Power. Why? He says that one of the Androids might get eliminated in the tournament, thus leaving us with Goku and Vegeta’s possible fusion.

“The theory of android 17 and 18 was making rounds much before the potara were introduced in the tournament, thanks to a fake image that was going around.”

In the context of Vegeto (Goku and Vegeta’s merged form,) Xyro believes that the creators of the hit anime show will unlikely include the Vegeto fusion in the Tournament of Power since the warriors’ personalities clash, which goes against the fusion. Furthermore, Ken says that two warriors are not the kind of individuals who wish to work with each other.

“…we can assume that one of the androids get eliminated in the coming episodes. When that happens all we have left are Goku and Vegeta whose personality completely clashes and goes against fusion. They are not the type who agree to work together easily.”

Xyro also mentioned that he is currently working on the translation of Toriyama and Toyotaro’s interview that discusses the behind-the-scenes of Dragon Ball Super, the Zamasu arc. The reason why he claimed that the show would not push through with another Potara Fusion is that, during the Zamasu arc, the creators of the show were forced to proceed with the Vegeto fusion due to high expectations from the fans. Therefore, it will be unlikely for the Dragon Ball Super creators to bring back the fusion over and over again.

“Vegeto in Zamasu arc was kinda forced due to high expectations from fans. It’s hard to imagine [them] forcing themselves over and over to bring fusion back.”


It is safe to say that it might be impossible for the Dragon Ball Super creators to showcase another fusion after focusing the limelight on Caulifla and Kale’s merge. But, these are opinions only and does not dictate the progress of the show. Therefore, one should take every bit of information with a grain of salt.

[Featured Image by Phát Hữu | Flickr | Cropped and Resized | Public Domain]