Joe Biden’s Alleged Groping Should Make Him Poison For Presidential Run [Opinion]

Joe Biden is an accomplished man. He is also, for the most part, a good man. That’s something conservatives certainly don’t want to hear. They’ll tell you that Biden, who allegedly wants to set up centers for long-term victims of sexual assault with Lady Gaga (who actually starred in a dirty video with alleged rapists R. Kelly and Terry Richardson), is part of the problem. After all, he has been seen groping and sniffing women in public appearances.

Breitbart gets especially dirty in an article titled “The Adventures of Creepy Joe Biden: Serial Young Girl-Toucher.”

“The reason Biden is allowed to get away with wildly inappropriate behavior involving young, and even underage girls (as you will see below), is because, duh, he is a Democrat and is therefore allowed to do so whatever he wants with young girls.”

The article adds that the media is being light on Biden because he’s their best chance to bring back the glory of the Obama era if he runs for president and defeats Trump in 2020. However, Breitbart really can’t accuse liberals or the mainstream media of ignoring Biden’s creepy behavior. The Daily Beast, perhaps the most left-wing mainstream site on the internet, thinks Joe Biden would be an awful candidate in the post-Weinstein era.

Joe Biden's actions have come under fire in the post-Weinstein era. [Image by Alex Wong/Getty Images]

“While Joe Biden has been jokingly depicted as a kooky uncle or Obama’s wacky sidekick or Leslie Knope’s grin-flashing celebrity crush, he’s also got a troubling history of acting weird in public around women who don’t seem entirely on board,” says columnist Erin Gloria Ryan, who adds that if Democrats want to retain moral authority on the issue of inappropriate sexual behavior, they must decide that it’s wrong no matter who does it.

Amanda Terkel of HuffPost also thinks the idea of Biden running for the top office in 2020 is a bad idea. Author Amanda Terkel says that even more important than the groping issue is the fact that Biden mishandled the Anita Hill hearings in 1991, when Supreme Court nominee Clarence Thomas was accused of sexual harassment, but eventually was nominated to the bench.

Twitter isn’t very happy with Joe Biden either.

Biden’s detractors are having a field day with the photos, even editing some of them to make it look like he’s grabbing breasts. But even if he isn’t really grabbing breasts, how can anybody not see that Biden’s behavior is downright creepy?

Those defending Biden need to ask themselves this: If Biden groped your daughter while sniffing her hair, wouldn’t you be offended? Would you want this man as your president? Yes, you can rightly point to Donald Trump and his harsh words toward women, but that doesn’t make Biden’s behavior more tolerable.

There are a number of politicians and public figures who can put up a challenge to President Trump in 2020. However, supporting Joe Biden as a candidate would be a huge mistake for Democrats. Once again, Biden is a good man, even if flawed. But he just isn’t presidential material.

[Featured Image by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]