Will Vegeta Achieve Ultra Instinct Transformation On ‘Dragon Ball Super’? [Opinion]

Dragon Ball Super teased fans with the upcoming Vegeta-centric series of episodes by revealing short snippets of Vegeta facing Universe 11’s Pride Trooper, Toppo. Furthermore, the anticipation rises as new spoilers for Dragon Ball Super Episode 117 revealed that Vegeta plans to mimic Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation in his battle with Katopesla. Will Vegeta be able to achieve Ultra Instinct transformation in the upcoming episodes?

The idea of Vegeta breaking his limits and achieving Ultra Instinct form is exhilarating. In fact, most internet theories agree that he’ll soon be able to tap into this prominent form. But what could be the grounds or basis for this transformation? Are the spoilers enough to suffice the claim?

Well, it is a given fact that Vegeta will go all out in the Tournament of Power or, perhaps, achieve a new form in battling alongside with Universe 7’s formidable warriors. The Ultra Instinct transformation is not impossible for Vegeta. Many believe that Vegeta’s breaking limit moment will be one of the highlights of the Tournament of Power.

To further speculate whether Vegeta can achieve Ultra Instinct, we head down to the known basis or triggers that allowed Goku to unlock Ultra Instinct form. The first idea to look at is the Energy Ball that was deflected by Jiren in their last battle. The immense energy that hit Goku somehow broke his barriers. Thus, he was able to transform to his Ultra Instinct form.

Next, one of the triggers for Goku’s Ultra Instinct transformation is the World of Void. According to recent theories, the conditions and energy present in the World of Void caused an immense trigger in Goku’s Ultra Instinct form. This was the same scenario when Goku and Vegeta trained with Whis in the Alternate Space, where they were able to unlock Super Saiyan Blue. If this theory turned out to be true, then there is an excellent chance of seeing Vegeta in Ultra Instinct form.


To validate the claims, I spoke with Ken Xyro, one of Dragon Ball Super’s spoiler translators and theorizers, to see what he thinks about Vegeta’s rumored Ultra Instinct transformation. Apparently, the DBS follower agrees that there might be a slight chance of Vegeta hitting this strongest form.

Indeed, it is exciting to see what the creators have in store for Vegeta in the Tournament of Power. Ultra Instinct transformation or not, it is going to be an epic ride for the Vegeta fans and the Dragon Ball Super Fandom.

Note: The views and opinions stated in this article are based on ongoing theories and fan discussions.

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