‘The Blacklist’: Why Did Raymond Reddington, Mr. Kaplan Have Bones Buried In The First Place? [Opinion]

While fans of The Blacklist are racking their brains trying to figure out whose bones are in the suitcase, one question still lingers. Why were the bones buried in the first place? I get that Raymond Reddington has a closet full of secrets and that Mr. Kaplan helped keep some hidden but bones in a suitcase buried in some remote small town? Doesn’t make much sense at all when you think about it.

The logical explanation is that they belong to Elizabeth Keen’s mother, Katarina Rostova. But, wouldn’t that be too easy? When have we known The Blacklist to give us a simple explanation for anything? To be honest, I’m not 100 percent sold on Reddington being her father, but that’s just me.

When Mr. Kaplan dug the bones up, Red lost his mind and has tried his best to retrieve them but for what? Tom believes the bones will finally expose who Reddington is but hasn’t Liz already thought the worst of Red and somehow still accepts him? If we were to think about the storyline of the bones, the truth may not be as interesting as the mystery.

For argument’s sake, let’s say they belong to someone Red killed. Whether it was Katarina or someone else, why would Red or Mr. Kaplan bury them in the first place? With all they have done throughout their criminal career, you mean to tell me they couldn’t think of another way to get rid of incriminating evidence? The bones could belong to some high-level politician, a blacklister who has yet to be identified or one of Keen’s relatives.

Here is why I don’t think they belong to Liz’s mother. Mr. Kaplan and Katarina were extremely close and if she found out that Red killed her, then everything she did to Red last season would have been done in the first season as revenge. Their relationship would not have gone on for decades if she knew Red killed her friend.

Red is a strategic person but to have someone’s bones hidden next to a tree doesn’t seem like the plan of a criminal mastermind. What I can gather from the information is that maybe, just maybe, he made a deal with Mr. Kaplan that if their relationship were to ever go sour, the bones are Mr. Kaplan’s “you can’t kill me” option. The whereabouts of the suitcase was not a secret as Red and Mr. Kaplan both knew where it was located.

Regardless of the identity, the storyline is interesting enough to go on for the rest of the season, which will leave fans of The Blacklist on the edge of their seats.

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