‘Poldark’ Season 3 On PBS Masterpiece: Did Ross Give Demelza His Blessing? [Episode 7 Recap] [Opinion]

Caution: The following post contains spoilers for Poldark Season 3, Episode 7 on PBS Masterpiece.

Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza’s relationship is on life support and Ross does not even seem to care. At the end of Episode 7, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) shared her heartfelt desire to have a one-day stand with another man. Ross, who shared a secret kiss with his ex Elizabeth (Heida Reed) earlier in the episode, seemed pretty open to the idea.

If Demelza was hoping to stir her husband’s jealousy, it did not work. His apathy was mind-boggling, which brings us to a major question. Why is Demelza even bothering to pursue her flirtation with Lt. Armitage, when she can clearly tell that acting on it will make no difference to Ross?

He may feel like a hypocrite for complaining, but he should have tried to do something. He should care if his wife sleeps with another man. Demelza sharing a tryst with Armitage will not bring their marriage any closer together. So why isn’t anyone telling her this is a horrible idea?

Caroline (Gabriella Wilde) even seemed a bit supportive of it in Episode 7, clearly noticing the dynamic between Demelza and Armitage. Instead of saying something to defuse the relationship, she stays quiet. Why is she supporting her best friend cheating on the man who saved her husband’s life? She should be trying to be a bridge to her friends, like Ross was to her and Dwight in Season 2.

The truth is Ross does not care

It is not that Ross isn’t a jealous person. He clearly reacted in a jealous and possessive manner when he learned Elizabeth was marrying George. He pretty much admitted to Elizabeth that it was jealousy that drove him to Trenwith that fateful night.

Lt. Armitage (Josh Whitehouse) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) share a moment in 'Poldark' Season 3, Episode 7 on PBS Masterpiece

In his private fantasy monologue, he admits to still loving Elizabeth, claiming it has changed from the way it once was even though she is just as lovely. He also claims he has changed because of Demelza. It all seems to just be words. Deep in his heart, he seems to still want Elizabeth. Demelza is married to a man who does not love her and is understandably destabilized by what should be a rather obvious revelation.

During her soliloquy to her husband, Demelza seemed to say she just wanted a day to experience a man’s love. Ross didn’t argue that he loved her and she, therefore, didn’t need that. If there was ever a time for Ross to deliver one of his famously passionate and persuasive speeches, it was that moment. It is almost like he knows that he loves Elizabeth and she loves him, and if he has to throw Demelza a consolation prize, he will because he is “generous” like that.

The aftermath of an affair

Cheating on Ross will only hurt Demelza’s self-respect. She is better than sinking to Ross’ level. Poldark Season 3 continues to be a disappointing season for the couple. After the events of Season 2, you would not have thought it could get any worse. Well, it’s worse.

Find out how Ross and Demelza’s relationship ends up when Poldark Season 3 concludes on PBS Masterpiece. According to PBS’ official press site, the season finale (Episode 8) will air November 19 at 9 p.m. EST.

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