New York Giants: With 1-8 Start, Sitting Eli Manning Is The Only Choice [Opinion]

The New York Giants have no fight left in them. After their defeat at the hands of the San Francisco 49ers Sunday afternoon, it’s evident the team has given up. What’s scary about that is they have given up on each other, their coach, and the fans. The hounds will be out for the firing of Ben McAdoo and they should. Not just for the team’s awful performance this year but due to Eli Manning still being on the field.

I get that Manning gives the Giants the best chance at a victory but obviously, he’s not the answer now. The Giants are 1-8 and instead of fighting for a playoff spot, they’re fighting for the top pick in the 2018 NFL Draft. But here’s the thing about winning that pick, what will they do with it?

The Giants have too many holes to fill before they can become contenders again. What we’re seeing is the end of a pretty good run for Eli Manning. He has won two Super Bowls in this time with the Giants but much like Joe Montana, Peyton Manning, and Brett Favre, when the fat lady starts to warm up, take a bow and move on.

If the Giants were to finish with the worse record in the league, what must happen is they need to look for a successor. Eli is a loyal guy and he wants to finish his career in New York. However, if the Giants are not careful, Eli’s career could be in jeopardy before the season is over. The names on the Giants’ injury list just proves how dangerous it is for Eli on the field.

Who are the New York Giants’ wide receivers? What running back can take the pressure off Eli and what offensive lineman will actually block to keep defenders from knocking Manning to the ground? Maybe the remaining games for the Giants are all about padding Eli’s stats. For the season, Eli has thrown 14 touchdown passes and still has completed over 62 percent of his passes. Here’s another frightening stat. Odell Beckham has played in four games and still is the third leading receiver on the team.

Eli has never missed a start in his NFL career, however, that iron-man streak may end soon. If the Giants are sold on him remaining their quarterback for the next few years, then why not protect Eli by sitting him? The team has nothing to gain at this point by keeping him in. Eli playing further will not save the job of McAdoo. What it may do is create a cause for an even earlier firing if something were to happen.

The measuring stick for the rest of the season was the 49ers game. While McAdoo is telling the media to not give up on the team, he should have been telling his players the same. Eli needs help. He needs someone to tell him this year is over.

[Featured Image by Rob Carr/Getty Images]