Philadelphia Eagles: Can They Finish The Season 15-1? [Opinion]

The Philadelphia Eagles are standing tall in the NFL with an 8-1 record as they enjoy their bye week. But, as good as they have been for the first nine weeks, could they get any better? With the recent addition of running back Jay Ajayi, it’s a strong possibility. How strong might one ask? Well, they just might be strong enough to run the table on the rest of the season.

The Eagles record has been referred to as one of smoking mirrors due to their supposedly winning record against non-competitive teams. Whatever the case is, how one views their success, the point is– they’re still 8-1. It’s not the strength of schedule you play in the NFL, this is not college ball. These are pros and all the Eagles have done is handle their business.

During their great run this year, the Eagles have beat just two teams with a winning record (sorry Redskins, but 4-4 is not actually a winning record). With that said, can the Eagles win their last seven remaining games and finish the year 15-1? Here is a look at their upcoming opponents.

Dallas Cowboys: The Cowboys will not go down without a fight, however, the absence of Ezekiel Elliott will work in the Eagles favor. With the Eagles offense clicking like it has, the Cowboys defense does not stand a chance against Carson Wentz and his many weapons.

Chicago Bears: While the Bears are steadily improving behind their rookie signal caller, they are still no match for the Eagles. The Bears defense is in the top 10 but the Eagles are a well-oiled machine. If the Bears offense can move the chains and keep Wentz off the filed, they could have a chance. But, that’s a big if.

Seattle Seahawks: The Seahawks were once the kings of the NFC but lately they have resembled the Cincinnati Bengals other than the team who was a rushing play away from winning back-to-back Super Bowls. While Russell Wilson still has some magic left in his play, the defense has taken too many hits over the years to be considered great. With the recent injury to Richard Sherman, Carson Wentz will have a field day passing the ball.

Los Angeles Rams: This might be the game where the Eagles will face their toughest test outside of the Kansas City Chiefs. The Rams have an explosive offense and their defense is one of the best in the league. This will be a close one for the Eagles but in the end, the front seven will cause problems for Todd Gurley and force Jared Goff to beat them with his arm. As evenly matched as both teams appear to be on paper, the Eagles are just too strong across the field to let this one slip away.

New York Giants: The Giants have supposedly given up on their coach and that alone gives this game to the Eagles. Now, by the time this game happens, Ben McAdoo could be long gone. If so, this is a division matchup where all NFC East games are played tight. But, the Giants do not have enough in the tank to contend with a blazing hot Eagles team.

Oakland Raiders: The Raiders have lost whatever mojo they gained last season. Derek Carr is struggling, the running game is grounded and the defense is taking pictures of their opponents celebrate touchdowns. This could be a high scoring contest with the Eagles coming out on top.

Dallas Cowboys: Elliott will be back for this finale and while the Eagles should have the conference in hand, they could elect to sit their starters. If so, then the Cowboys, who may be fighting for a playoff spot will have more to prove. If Wentz and his crew are out, then give this game to the Cowboys. But, if the Eagles are somehow in a top seed showdown with another team, then expect another victory for the Eagles. Elliott or not, the Cowboys are too unpredictable.

When it’s all said and done, the only game the Eagles may lose could be against the Cowboys in the season finale. The reason for that is they simply could have the NFL’s best record cemented and have nothing to play for. Yes, 15-1 is a strong possibility, depending on how bad they want it.

[Featured Image by Joe Robbins/Getty Images]