4 DC Comics Titles That Former Marvel Writer Brian Michael Bendis Would Be Killer On [Opinion]

With the announcement of comic-book writing giant Brian Michael Bendis making his move from Marvel Entertainment over to DC Comics yesterday, it is exciting to speculate about the projects he may be involved in over at his new publisher.

Bendis has co-created Jessica Jones, Miles Morales, Riri Williams, and other characters for Marvel while continually making his staple on legendary runs for characters like Daredevil, Spider-Man, Iron Man, and the Avengers. He also wrote the fan-favorite House of M event that changed the Marvel world for a time.

The move to DC Comics seems like a smart one for the veteran writer whose most recent work seemed to keep its distance from Marvel’s latest big event Secret Empire. The distance from a big event would be exciting to continue over at DC Comics, leaving room for Bendis to play around in his new sandbox while generating interest in new or long-forgotten titles.

Here are four books Bendis could breathe life back into during DC Comics’ Rebirth:


Brian Michael Bendis writing a boy superhero would be right in his wheelhouse. He would be great for the characterization of Billy Batson who shouts “Shazam!” to turn himself into his superhero alter-ego. His recent Spider-Man series has teenage Miles Morales dealing with the responsibility of his Spider-Man moniker and struggling with the trials of his adolescence. Bendis grounds his extraordinary stories with a deep personalization of his characters.

This would also allow for more people to flock to that particular character. He could strengthen and grow the audiences of lesser publicized or used characters in the manner that Tom King has done with his Omega Men or Mister Miracle.


Gotham Central

Bendis on the critically-lauded Gotham Central would probably be his safest bet. He loves writing crime stories and what better place to write one than in DC Comics’ very own Gotham City. The day-to-day lives of detectives in Gotham City is ripe for Bendis’ particular affinity for developing intriguing mystery crime stories, and just imagine his take on villains like Two-Face, Mr. Freeze, and Penguin.

With the Gotham television series currently on Fox, the comic book series could have a nice push from the show as well as having Brian Michael Bendis’ name on the title.


Possible New Age of DC Heroes Book

Scott Snyder’s DC Metal has opened up an avenue for new stories to be created within its Dark Matter platform. It already has writers like Jeff Lemire and Tony S. Daniel building a new part of the DC Universe, so why not give Brian Michael Bendis some creative liberty to enact his vision into that corner of DC.

Bendis is known for creating new characters that flourished in the Marvel line-up. His Jessica Jones was turned into a Peabody-Award-winning Netflix television series. Allowing Bendis to create new stories within the Dark Matter event would be great because tonally he could totally pull off a unique and dark tale within the DC Universe as he’s proven with his Jessica Jones and Daredevil runs over at Marvel.


The Flash: Earth One

This might be a long shot for now as Bendis is sure to be working on a main continuity book, but as J. Michael Straczynski is taking a break from comic books, this would be a great place for Bendis to reinvent the Scarlet Speedster. This particular iteration of the Fastest Man Alive could be fresh and innovative because it wouldn’t affect the main continuity of the book.

Barry Allen has always been a quippy character especially in the middle of battling it out with his Rogues. Bendis could invoke the same humor and action that catapulted his Spider-Man series and have this be his spiritual successor to the character who paved the way for him at Marvel.


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