‘Poldark’ Season 3 On PBS Masterpiece: What’s Happening To Ross And Demelza? [Episode 6 Review] [Opinion]

Caution: This article discusses spoilers for Poldark Season 3 Episode 6 on PBS Masterpiece.

What on earth is happening on Poldark? It is a natural question to ask after the startling events that unfolded in Season 3 Episode 6. There was a death, a couple of reveals, and a startling flirtation. For this fan, it is hard to imagine it has all come to this.

That the feisty and indestructible Aunt Agatha (Caroline Blakiston) would reveal her beloved Elizabeth’s greatest secret over a canceled birthday party. That said birthday party would be the breaking point for a fed-up George (Jack Farthing) and that his petty move would ultimately destroy his greatest illusion.

Just as hard to believe is that Ross (Aidan Turner) would ignore the obvious emotional plight of his bewildered wife, coldly ignoring her hint that Hugh Armitage has taken a special interest in her. Instead of acting protective of his fragile marriage, Ross’ ill-thought words further propelled it to its breaking point.

Making matters worse, Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson), who had previously been so wise in her reaction to Ross’ betrayal with Elizabeth (Heida Reed), appears ready to give her husband a taste of his own medicine. It is a move so entirely beneath Demelza, who has always taken the higher moral ground in the Poldarks’ marriage.

Ross (Aidan Turner) and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) are trying to make peace on 'Poldark'

What it means for the series

Poldark, which has no choice but to follow the lead of the book series it is based on, is finding itself in a peculiar position. Everything that has made it so enjoyable is corroding at a rapid rate.

The series is still just as entertaining, the performances as sharp as ever, and the writing impeccable. It is just that nothing that is happening is all that uplifting, or enjoyable. There is a newfound sense of dread that things are only going to get worse for every character on the canvas.

As teased on the Inquisitr, Season 3 Episode 6 is one of Poldark‘s most game-changing episodes. There is no going back now that George knows Valentine is more than likely not his biological son. The sordid and out-of-character twist that saw Ross betray Demelza with Elizabeth has had ramifications that have forever altered this once pleasant series.

Where the chaos began

In Season 2 Episode 7, Ross did the inconceivable, betraying Demelza with Elizabeth and fathering a son with her. It has been next to impossible for the series to recover from the twist, as it has altered everything going forward and going back.

Ross and Demelza’s beautiful romance has yet to recover, and likely never will, as his actions re-contextualized their entire relationship. As has been previously opined on the Inquisitr, Ross does not seem to be in love with Demelza. He apparently never stopped loving Elizabeth.

Ross and Demelza take a walk in 'Poldark' Season 3 on PBS Masterpiece

Meaning his marriage to Demelza may only be intact due to his feeling a duty to her and their children. How did a marriage that seemed so rich in love take such an obligatory turn? Ross had appeared to truly fall in love with his wife.

The evidence

The first time that seemed apparent was when she sang a heartfelt song during their first married Christmas at Trenwith. He subsequently told her he loved her. As previously mentioned on the Inquisitr, this moment felt entirely earned.

Ross and Demelza have not experienced non-stop happiness either. Their love has been tested numerous times.

They welcomed a baby and later weathered her loss. Right after that, they survived Ross’ false imprisonment, trial, and eventual acquittal. They withstood the criminal toll of Ross’ free trading and the financial struggles of his mine.

Even Elizabeth seemed to acknowledge that Ross’ heart belonged to Demelza when they came to that aforementioned Christmas at Trenwith. Not too long after, Ross told Elizabeth that Demelza was the love of his life.

In fact, in the episode, before Ross rushes off to betray his wife with Elizabeth, Ross had given Demelza a stocking for Christmas and reassured her of his love for her. So how did things go so wrong so quickly? It makes little sense, and given that final scene in Season 3 Episode 6, it seems there will be no peace between them anytime soon.

The fallout of Season 2 Episode 7 continues

Demelza and Ross clearly know that Valentine is his son and no amount of silence on the matter is going to make that go away. When Demelza gently gives Ross an update on his son in Season 3 Episode 6, he quickly tries to ignore it, making matters even worse.

Ross and Demelza have faced multiple adversities on the PBS Masterpiece series 'Poldark'

It is unlike Ross not to handle things head-on and speak bluntly. He did not have trouble doing so earlier in the episode. It is understandable for Ross and Demelza to face struggles, but infidelity does not feel like a natural cause for it. They are both too loyal to make such treacherous leaps.

The only long-running characters not acting particularly out-of-character are George, Elizabeth, Caroline (Gabriella Wilde), and Dwight (Luke Norris), albeit poor Mr. Henshawe has barely been referenced by the good doctor since the former gave his life to rescue Dwight from prison.

One would have expected Dwight to be shown interacting with Henshawe’s family and trying to help them out in any way he could. Instead, Mr. Henshawe has been treated as gone and forgotten.

Of all the characters warranting empathy in Episode 6, it was Elizabeth, who surprisingly took the lead. She has tried to secure herself and her sons’ future through her marriage to George, and now her best-kept secret is out.

Will it bring her to ruin? Or will George forgive her indiscretion? Will George confront Ross with what he knows? Find out when Poldark Season 3 continues on PBS Masterpiece. Per PBS’ official press site, Episode 7 will premiere on November 12 at 9 p.m. EST.

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