5 Reasons The Undertaker Should Never Return And Wrestle In WWE [Opinion]

Back in April, The Undertaker wrestled what is believed to have been the final match of his career, which was a loss to Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 33, but was it really the end? Fans look back over the years at Mick Foley, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, and many others, and they say that retirement in wrestling is never for good. While The Undertaker is only 52-years-old, he truly has reached a point in his life when he should never return to the WWE.

For the better part of 27 years, The Undertaker dominated the ring and backstage area of WWE, but the time has come for him to call it a career. He’ll always be looked at as a true legend and someone who is synonymous with the world of professional wrestling.

Yes, he is truly an icon.

Fans love to hear the famous gong that starts his entrance music and cheer as the lights go low and the smoke billows out for his walk to the ring. Still, there comes a time in every superstar’s life where they need to know that it is time to walk away and let their career do the talking for them.

The Undertaker is now one of those people, and here are the five reasons he never needs to return to WWE or wrestle again.

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5. The perfect sendoff has already been missed

If there was going to be the perfect ending to The Undertaker’s career, it should have been done in New Orleans at WrestleMania XXX. His iconic streak was finally broken in a loss to Brock Lesnar, and that should have been the moment “The Deadman” called it quits and knew it was time to go.

Maybe he simply wasn’t ready to retire and wanted to keep going, but if that’s the case, WWE should have waited to break the streak.

4. It would seriously hurt Roman Reigns

If you’ve been watching WWE for the last five years, you’ll know that Roman Reigns is being pushed to the moon as the star of the company. No matter how the fans react to him, he’s going to keep getting his mega-push, and “retiring” The Undertaker is something that would be a huge accomplishment for any superstar.

For Taker to return and wrestle again, it would instantly take that away from Reigns.

3. The Undertaker just can’t go anymore

Some wrestlers have continued to get into the ring at a much older age than The Undertaker, but that doesn’t mean everyone should do it. At this point, Taker has had numerous surgeries and has some big-time issues with his back, legs, and hips. It’s been clearly evident in his last couple of matches that he has slowed down and is hindered by these ailments.

There’s simply no sense to jeopardize his well-being and health or that of anyone who may step into the ring with him.

the undertaker return 5 reasons not wrestle wwe news
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2. There’s nothing left for him to prove

There is simply nothing left for The Undertaker to prove in WWE or in any wrestling ring, but it is highly doubtful that he would ever go to another promotion. He has been in the main event of WrestleMania and at numerous other pay-per-view events while capturing countless championships, including the following.

  • World Heavyweight Championship – 3 times
  • WWF/WWE Championship – 4 times
  • WWF Hardcore Championship – 1 time
  • WWF Tag Team Championship – 6 times
  • WCW Tag Team Championship – 1 time
  • Royal Rumble winner – 2007
  • 12-time Slammy Award winner

At this point, he’s accomplished more in one career than whole rosters of some wrestling promotions combined.

1. At one point or another, a final result has to remain

“Stone Cold” Steve Austin, Kane, Mick Foley, and others have all buried him alive. Yokozuna and a number of other superstars have locked him in a casket. He’s been set on fire, blown up, electrocuted, and even had his spirit raise up into the Heavens while seemingly retiring after at least three or four matches.

There comes a time when something needs to stick and a final result simply needs to remain in place. A lot of people thought The Undertaker’s actions after his Hell in a Cell match against Shane McMahon signified his retirement, but he still came back.

After leaving his coat, hat, and gloves in the ring at WrestleMania 33, that simply has to be it.

the undertaker return 5 reasons not wrestle wwe news
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No matter what, fans will always cheer and get excited when they hear the music of The Undertaker, and it will certainly happen at the 25th anniversary of Monday Night Raw in January. There is no denying that fans will always want to see more of him and from him, but it’s just not right to have his career keep going. There are a handful of reasons that everyone wants to see The Undertaker return to WWE, but there are even more reasons that he shouldn’t.

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