‘Celebrity Big Brother’ USA Cast: Fans Should Prepare For Disappointment [Opinion]

The Celebrity Big Brother USA cast hasn’t been revealed yet, but the rumors alone should serve as a heavy hint for some CBS viewers not to expect too much from this season. Host Julie Chen made the announcement during Big Brother 19 about how the next season of the reality competition show would come with a twist. CBS then posted a report as confirmation on its website, creating a lot of additional buzz for the network.

Since the announcement that CBS would be airing winter episodes of the show for the very first time, fans have been posting about it on social media. A number of people have been linked to the show in that regard, including model Blac Chyna, who achieved a lot of fame through her connection to Keeping Up with the Kardashians. One Twitter user, going by the name Stephanie, posted on Monday (November 6) that if Blac Chyna joined the show, she was “out.” This follows a pattern on social media about rumors over the past month.

The negative reaction to most of the Celebrity Big Brother USA casting rumors on social media should serve as a heavy hint for viewers of the show. Though the winter 2018 installment is going to give CBS viewers a few extra episodes of the reality competition show, it isn’t going to “break the mold” when it comes to the cast members. While there could end up being a few interesting names in the mix, many of the celebrities could be quite unknown to the average viewer.

A reality of the situation is that there have been no official announcements from CBS, the casting director, or the host about who will become a member of the Celebrity Big Brother USA cast. It has been clear for a while that it won’t be people who are considered big name “stars” of television or movies, but rather supporting roles, former stars, or even an attempt to stretch the term “celebrity” by people putting the cast together. That’s not necessarily a bad thing. It will certainly provide the show with some “new blood.”

Viewers planning to watch the first season of Celebrity Big Brother USA will want to go into this with an open mind. The show should be interesting, it should give around eight weeks of entertainment for fans of the franchise, and it should serve as a good hold-over until the Big Brother 20 season premiere. The mistake would be expecting too much from the program and assuming that only big-name stars will be attached to it. That will only lead to disappointment.

[Featured Image by Theo Wargo/Getty Images]