Johnny Depp Under Attack: Captain Sparrow Couldn’t Get His Sea Legs On The Red Carpet [Opinion]

Johnny Depp has experienced some rough seas in the media since his messy divorce from Amber Heard. The beloved Captain Sparrow actor has become controversial, despite an enormous fan base, a host of loyal friends, and an overwhelmingly positive reputation among American and international moviegoers.

It is hard to find a positive story about Johnny Depp, despite his continued popularity among fans. Why? The bad press started after the divorce to be sure, but one must wonder what is behind the systematic character assassination of a beloved movie icon.

Reports Johnny Depp was drunk or appeared drunk at the London premiere of Murder On The Orient Express flooded the media this weekend. The Sun eagerly reported, Depp “allegedly reeked of booze.” according to E-News, who proceeded to debunk the story. A source told E News the iconic actor was being guided by his security team through the crowd.

“These reports are completely false. Johnny was not drunk at the premiere. He came straight from set to the premiere. His security was maneuvering him around the carpet as he has done for years.”

A few photos of Johnny Depp at the premiere do seem to depict a man off balance, but there could be any number of reasons for that, including camera angles. It seems his security team was on high alert, but Depp was reportedly not drunk.

Reports Johnny Depp was drunk contrast greatly with Depp’s Hollywood Vampires band mate Alice Cooper’s statement that he had never seen the Jack Sparrow actor drunk, yet some point to the video below as evidence Johnny was drunk. It looks more like Johnny was feeling shy and self-conscious.

Alice Cooper set the record straight in July, about Amber Heard’s accusations that Johnny Depp was a drunk and abusive. This statement was important enough to Cooper that he inserted it when the Daily Star was asking about his new Paranormal Album.

“It’s so funny because you never see Johnny drunk, ever.”

Likewise, Marilyn Manson said Johnny Depp is being “crucified in the media unjustly,” in a heavily reported statement last year. Marilyn Manson came to Johnny’s defense in the wake of his divorce from Amber Heard.

Johnny Depp and Jada Pinkett Smith at People's Choice
Johnny Depp and Jada Pinkett Smith at People's Choice by Christopher Polk

Yet, when Marilyn Manson’s 25-year veteran bass player was recently accused of rape and abuse, Twiggy Ramirez was promptly fired as reported by Variety. One could conclude Marilyn Manson was certain Johnny Depp had done nothing wrong. In light of Marilyn Manson firing of Twiggy, Manson was not as trusting of his own bass player.

Johnny Depp’s friends, co-stars, and fellow musicians have repeatedly defended Depp through this media circus that seems to never end. Many have risked their own reputations to express solidarity with Depp.

Johnny Depp has the love and respect of stars like Paul McCartney, Kris Kristofferson, Keith Richards, Brad Pitt, and Patty Smith. Johnny is a perpetual favorite for People’s Choice awards, and yet he has been scandalized at every turn in the press in ways that stretch the imagination.

Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member
Johnny Depp AKA Jack Sparrow and Hollywood Vampires member by Matt Sayles AP

Why is Johnny Depp a part of the polarization sweeping the world? Is it the new morality of PC that equates tossing a six ounce iPhone at his then-wife Amber Heard, the day after his mother died, with Kevin Spacey’s alleged sexual abuse of 14-year-old boys?

Graham Norton was baffled when some felt bringing Johnny Depp on his show after Norton presented a tirade of pointed Kevin Spacey jokes was somehow in conflict. Graham Norton was pummeled with criticism on Twitter, while others were simply disgusted by the comparison. Fans stood firm, Depp is not to be compared with Kevin Spacey’s situation.

Kevin Spacey has been accused of fondling, groping, and even having long-term sexual relationships with 14-year-old boys according to Vulture. Spacey’s response to the first accusation was an apology, not a denial. How do some equate Johnny Depp’s spat with his wife with Kevin Spacey’s alleged child sexual abuse?

Johnny Depp’s fans and friends find the comparison ludicrous. Comparing Amber Heard’s account of a marital quarrel that has reportedly been contested by law enforcement, family, friends, and Johnny’s two ex-wives with Spacey’s situation seems bizarre.

Johnny Depp allegedly tossed a 6 ounce iPhone at his wife Amber Heard during a conversation about his mother who had died the day before. While even this has not been proven, even if true it hardly justifies two years of media crucifixion. Perhaps, he who is without sin should toss the first iPhone.

Johnny Depp is a beloved Hollywood icon, adored by many, so why is he subjected to perpetual media attacks?

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