Boston Red Sox: Should Giancarlo Stanton Be A Trade Target? [Opinion]

The Boston Red Sox are heading into the MLB offseason looking to bolster their championship hopes for the 2018 MLB season. They are also looking to make a move or two in order to stay ahead of the up-and-coming New York Yankees in the American League East division.

After moving on from John Farrell as their manager, the Red Sox are hoping that Alex Cora can turn things around. They also are hoping that David Price can get back to full health and be a dominant starting pitcher again. Boston doesn’t have many holes to fill this offseason, but there are ways that they could make themselves better in a few different areas.

One of those areas could be adding more power to the lineup and there is one high-profile trade target that would be intriguing.

Giancarlo Stanton is rumored to be readily available this offseason. It appears that the Miami Marlins are serious about cutting salary, which could lead to the trade of their franchise player. Boston may not be willing to give up the price that it will take to acquire Stanton, but he would be a perfect fit for the Sox.

Last season with the Marlins, Stanton ended up recording a .281 batting average to go along with 59 home runs and 132 RBIs. Boston had a strong offense last season, but adding a player like Stanton would take them to the next level. Having a threat like him in the lineup might just take Boston ahead of the Houston Astros and Cleveland Indians in the American League.


At 27 years of age, Stanton has 10 years left on his contract following the 2018 season. That could make him more attractive to the Red Sox. They could end up having one of the best sluggers in recent MLB history for the foreseeable future of their franchise.

Boston has the farm system to make a move for a piece like Stanton. There is no telling exactly what the Marlins will want for their superstar outfielder, but it will take a few high-profile prospects.


There is a good chance that Boston could decide to target a player like Eric Hosmer in free agency and not consider trading for Stanton. They could decide that the price isn’t even worth the pursuit. That being said, the Red Sox could also view acquiring a player like Stanton as a power move towards a championship.

Stanton will be a highly sought-after player this offseason. If Boston doesn’t show interest, there will be plenty of other teams that will. Among those teams appear to be the San Francisco Giants, as well as the Los Angeles Dodgers.

Expect to see the Red Sox be extremely active in the trade and free agency markets. They know that they are a piece or two behind the Astros and possibly the Indians. Boston wants to bring another championship home and acquiring Stanton could help them do just that.

Do you think the Boston Red Sox should pursue a trade for superstar slugger Giancarlo Stanton? If not, who do you think they should target this offseason? Let us know your thoughts!

[Featured Image by Ross D. Franklin/AP Images]