Denver Broncos: Bold Predictions For Must-Win Week 9 Matchup With Eagles [Opinion]

The Denver Broncos are nearing must-win territory after starting the season with a 3-4 record. It has been a disappointing season, to say the least, for the Broncos, who started the season with a 3-1 record. Trevor Siemian looked like a good starting quarterback but has now been replaced by Brock Osweiler for Week 9.

Facing off against the Philadelphia Eagles has not ended well for most teams this season. Philadelphia has a 7-1 record coming into Sunday’s game. Carson Wentz appears to be a legitimate MVP candidate and the Eagles will have yet another offensive weapon in newly-acquired running back Jay Ajayi.

Denver is hoping that Osweiler can work some magic this week. Falling to 3-5 would be a very deep hole to climb out of moving forward.

Looking at the AFC West, the Broncos are currently the second-best team in the division. They are behind the Kansas City Chiefs, who currently hold a 6-2 record and look to be a Super Bowl contender themselves. Denver may not have a great offense at this point in the season, but they do feel very confident in their defense once again.

If the Broncos want to have any chance at knocking off the Eagles, they will need Osweiler to find ways to put the football in the end zone. Ever since leaving the Broncos, Osweiler has been unable to prove that he should be a starting NFL quarterback. John Elway decided to bring him back home, and perhaps that could be what Osweiler needed to turn things around and get his career back on track.

All of that being said, what predictions can be made for the Broncos heading into this week’s game with the Eagles?

Brock Osweiler Throws for 250 Yards, Two Touchdowns

Elway obviously has faith in Osweiler and is hoping that the second time around in Denver will go better than the first. Osweiler will come through with a big game, throwing for 250 yards and two touchdowns. He has to be happy to have his old receiving corps back, which should result in a different amount of production than he has seen recently.

Denver Will Force Three Turnovers

There are very few defenses that are capable of making the plays that the Broncos can. Wentz may be an MVP candidate, but the Broncos will not make life easy for him. Von Miller and company will put a lot of pressure on Wentz and will find a way to force three turnovers.

C.J. Anderson Steps Up with 100 Yards, TD

If there was ever a team for veteran running back C.J. Anderson to step up with a big game, this would be the week. The change of quarterbacks won’t be easy, and Anderson can take a lot of pressure off of Osweiler. He will do just that with 100 rushing yards and a touchdown.

Denver Pulls Off a Surprise Upset Win

Beating the Eagles will not be easy for the Broncos this week. Philadelphia is a Super Bowl favorite for a reason, but the Broncos will improve to 4-4 with a huge upset. Denver may not make it look pretty, but a win is a win at the end of the day.

Do you think the Denver Broncos will pull off an upset win this week against the Eagles? Let us know your thoughts!

[Featured Image by Ed Zurga/AP Images]