Shannon Beador Needs To Step Back If She Wants To Keep Tamra Judge As A Friend [Opinion]

Shannon Beador’s insecurities are starting to show on The Real Housewives of Orange County. She was once a secure person who was in a happy marriage, but David Beador’s affair changed everything. Even though Shannon has tried to forgive him and move on, it’s clear that she can’t let go of the heartbreak. Perhaps Beador is worried that she’s going to lose her friend as well, as she seems to be very protective of Tamra Judge. On The Real Housewives of Orange County, she has revealed that she’s been Tamra’s shoulder to cry on as she broke down over her friendship with Vicki Gunvalson.

But it was clear during the trip to Iceland that Tamra Judge had some things she wanted to say to Vicki Gunvalson. While the two had a conversation and broke down in tears, Shannon Beador sat nearby. She appeared almost worried that she was losing her friend to the dark side. She kept telling Meghan King Edmonds that she didn’t like what she saw. While Tamra and Vicki were having a powerful moment, Shannon was ready to break them up, wrap Tamra up in her arms and hide her away, and possibly make sure Tamra never heard from Vicki again.

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In a confessional interview, Tamra herself revealed that Shannon Beador couldn’t understand what she was going through and needed to make peace with Vicki for her own good. Maybe Beador didn’t understand why Judge needed to give her feud with Vicki more attention. It was important for Tamra to get everything off her chest so she could move on. Viewers felt that Shannon Beador was being too clingy and it is possible that she’s scared of losing her best friend. She has just announced that she’s separating from her husband. Tamra recently told Bravo that Beador is going through some serious issues and only she knew about them all.

“I knew what was going on in her personal life. I got it … I’ve been in Shannon’s shoes before and I know Shannon doesn’t mean any harm. Yes, she’s expressive. But she has the purest heart, the sweetest person and we will be friends forever,” Judge has revealed to Bravo.

If Shannon Beador wants to keep Tamra as a close friend, it’s important that she doesn’t try to control what she does. She needs to give Judge space to deal with past issues, especially since these issues are heavy for Tamra. They have influenced her life, and she might be seeking some kind of clarification as to why things went this far.

What do you think of the way Shannon Beador behaved after watching Tamra’s talk with Vicki?

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