Will Trump’s ‘Cut Cut Cut Act’ Make The Cut Despite Negative Press Covfefe? [Opinion]

Say it once. Say it twice. Say it three times. Cut. Cut. Cut. Nope, it is not an NFL football play, the name of some “B” horror flick, or even the latest dance craze. In fact, the “Cut Cut Cut Act” is the moniker bestowed upon the new Republican tax reform act by none other than President Donald J. Trump himself.

Although there could be many things one might want to make the “J” in Trump’s middle name stand for — apart from a few highly inappropriate grammatical juxtapositions — let us pause to temporarily substitute the letter “J” for the letter “G” in the word “genius.”

We know that doing this is very unusual, and most certainly incorrect, but this is the age of Trumpism, and if “Cut Cut Cut” works, then so should this minor spelling infraction. Yes, Donald Trump is a “Jenius,” and if you don’t believe it, just ask him.

Rumor has it that GOP members of Congress were shopping for a catchy title to pin on their new tax plan, so they called on Trump to do the honors. There is unarguably some value associated with a Trump brand, so the president named the bill in a way that only he could.

trump picks name for tax reform bill
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While not only being problematic for spelling and grammar-checking software, the “Cut Cut Cut Act” is supposed to be the culmination of the greatest Republican minds on Capitol Hill. It is the pinnacle of tireless effort, unceasing optimism, and a few other flowery descriptions.

In spite of the bad press it has received, the “Cut Cut Cut Act” is to be one of the crowning achievements for the Republican Party, and after years of toil, Americans are finally about to receive what they have coming to them, in the form of tax relief — hopefully.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan is reportedly not fond of the name that Trump selected, but who cares?

Clearly, if “Cut Cut Cut” lives up to its intended name, Americans will surely not mind even if the bill would be named, “That Strange Guy in the White House is Giving Us a Break Act.”

Whatever name is decided upon for this bill has absolutely no bearing on its content. The big question is whether these proposed cuts actually make sense and if they really add up to dollars and cents for taxpayers.

Let’s face it, taxes are a part of the government’s lifeblood, and any type of cuts to its revenue stream is sort of like exposing Count Dracula to holy water without driving a stake through his heart; it’s painful, makes a lot of noise, and will likely come back to haunt you.

Will the “Cut Cut Cut Act” deliver big for the American people as promised, or will the only big about it be associated with letdown and disappointment?

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