Farrah Abraham Fired: Why This Is Probably The Best Thing That Could Happen To Her [Opinion]

Yesterday, it was revealed that Farrah Abraham had been fired from the successful Teen Mom OG franchise. The news surfaced from Farrah’s own Facebook account, where she opened up about how the network had cut ties with her over her decision to engage in business ventures within the adult entertainment industry. Based on several sources, as reported by Us Weekly, the firing happened because of her decision to continue working in the sex industry. Producers simply don’t think that her direction fits with Teen Mom OG.

Of course, the network has dealt with other serious issues, such as drug addiction, financial support, jail time, court visits, and even physical abuse while filming some of the girls. But it sounds like Farrah’s decision to work in the sex industry when she’s not filming Teen Mom OG was enough for them to pull the plug. This isn’t the first time that Abraham was left out of the show. Right after she had filmed her adult movies, the girls wanted to film without her. She returned to the cast again, and everyone slowly accepted her return to the show.

Even though Farrah Abraham was furious on Facebook yesterday, this firing is one that is probably for the best. Everyone can tell Farrah that adult entertainment and the story of a struggling teenage mother do not have the same audience. For years, fans have asked producers to please cut Abraham out of the show because of her attitude and how she treats her daughter, Sophia. In addition, it seems like Teen Mom OG fans are growing tired of her. She may be able to thrive in another environment.


As for Abraham, it appears she’s going to be just fine. Now that she will no longer be under the MTV contract, she can film other reality shows as she pleases. She had previously turned down opportunities because she was under the MTV contract. Now, she can film her own docuseries and chances are that offers will be on the table. In addition, Farrah can focus on her other business ventures, including her frozen yogurt shop, her interior design shop, and her smaller businesses. Just because she’s shutting the door on Teen Mom OG doesn’t mean she will disappear from the spotlight. Fans should only expect to see more of her.

What do you think about Farrah Abraham’s firing from Teen Mom OG? Are you surprised that producers are choosing to fire her now?

[Featured Image by Jerod Harris/Getty Images]