Maci Bookout Should Have A Fourth Baby, And Here’s Why [Opinion]

Maci Bookout often keeps to herself, possibly because she’s putting her family first. The Teen Mom OG star is keeping to herself in Tennessee, and one can imagine she doesn’t want to get involved with the drama that’s currently playing out between her co-stars. Farrah Abraham has been fired because of her decision to work in the adult entertainment industry, Leah Messer was called fake by Briana DeJesus, and Jenelle Evans may quit the show altogether. The biggest problems that Maci was facing last year included Ryan Edwards’ drug problem and her communication issues with her husband.

Even though Bookout has revealed that she and Taylor McKinney don’t always communicate well, they are still a strong family unit. They are raising three children, and their third child was an accident. Maci wasn’t thinking about getting pregnant, but it happened anyway. Would she be interested in getting pregnant again? According to a new Instagram video, Maci Bookout is now proving that she’s a great mother and could totally rock a fourth pregnancy. In the video, she’s playing “Duck, Duck, Goose” with her children, and she’s paying attention to them all individually despite their age differences. It’s not farfetched to see Maci with a baby in her arms as she’s playing with her children.

In addition to Bookout being a great mother, there are also other factors that play a role in regard to her being a good mother. She’s been filming Teen Mom OG for nine years. Her son Bentley just turned 9, and she started filming the show back when she had wrapped 16 & Pregnant. Back then, Maci was just a teenager and Bentley had just been born. While it was a struggle back then, Bookout now has a partner to support her and they do have two children together.

While most people stay away from baby plans because of finances, Bookout may not have to worry. She’s bought a house, her husband runs a t-shirt business, and she’s had thousands of dollars coming from MTV every year. Hopefully, she has saved enough for her children to go to college and pay off the home. Plus, if Maci does get pregnant now, the new baby and Maverick would be close in age. That means they will be able to play with one another. There are many reasons why Maci should have a fourth baby, but it’s important that she and Taylor are in agreement.

What do you think about the rumors circulating about Maci Bookout possibly being pregnant?

[Featured Image by John Phillips/Getty Images]