Leah Messer Sporting Thin Frame Amid Pregnancy Rumors, But She Should Have Another Baby [Opinion]

Leah Messer has been the subject of pregnancy rumors for months, but she never revealed any news of a pregnancy. In fact, she kept ignoring the stories about her body and her unborn baby, as fans continued to read reports about her supposed pregnancy. Of course, this Teen Mom 2 star isn’t allowed to talk about what goes on behind the scenes, so if she was indeed pregnant, it’s quite possible that she wouldn’t be allowed to say anything until she could share the news on Teen Mom 2. But if she was indeed pregnant, fans may be wondering why she wouldn’t say anything. Plus, who would be the father of her child?

Messer hasn’t talked about dating anyone, and she hasn’t revealed whether she’s in a relationship at all. So if she was indeed pregnant, she either got pregnant via a casual hookup or by someone who she had keeping secret from everyone. However, according to a new Instagram post, Leah Messer doesn’t look pregnant at all. She recently shared a picture of herself looking thin, and she’s clearly not sporting a baby bump. Even if she had gotten pregnant when the rumors started, she would be sporting a bump by now. It’s safe to say that she’s not pregnant.


Even though she’s a single mother these days, Leah Messer should feel confident in herself if she got pregnant. Even though she seems like the hopeless romantic who just wants to find Mr. Perfect, it sounds like she shouldn’t wait around if she wants another baby. She could listen to some advice from her Teen Mom 2 co-star Kailyn Lowry, who recently chose to have a third baby without a man in her life. She chose to get pregnant due to health concerns. If Leah does get pregnant, she should rest in the fact that she has changed quite a bit over the past couple of years. She has left her anxiety and depression behind, and she is thriving on positivity these days. Leah can send a positive message to her children and be a prime role model for them should she get pregnant with another baby.

What do you think of Leah Messer debunking the pregnancy rumors with this picture of her thin frame? Do you think she could handle another pregnancy?

[Featured Image by MTV]