Fox News Ridiculed For Discussing Burger Emojis While Paul Manafort Surrendered To FBI [Opinion]

Twitter tore into Fox News for discussing cheeseburger emojis even as other media networks all over the country reported the significant escalation of Donald Trump’s Russia investigation with the indictment and subsequent surrender of the president’s former campaign manger, Paul Manafort.

Manafort surrendered to the FBI on Monday after Robert Mueller’s team charged him on money laundering and foreign lobbying charges along with his longtime business associate, Rick Gates, as reported by the Inquisitr. After reports on Friday suggested that the first indictments following the investigations could be expected on Monday, most media networks were expecting a significant escalation in the stakes of the inquiry. The weekend was full of speculation, and most journalists were on their toes, expecting a major announcement on Monday. And none of them were disappointed as it emerged that it was indeed Manafort who was indicted. But while all the major news networks in the United States were busy reporting this significant event in American politics, Fox and Friends skipped this most crucial development and instead discussed… yes, cheesburgers!

Twitter, which has gone into a hyper-frenzy mode following the announcement, was up to the brim with moments recalling how Fox had turned the tables on Hillary Clinton and played into Donald Trump’s narrative that the Democrats are stoking up a “hoax” investigation to stop the Republicans from passing major tax reform under his stewardship. It is not a narrative that even Republicans have bought into, but it did not stop Fox News from creating a spin on the Mueller indictments and instead focusing their attention on how Hillary Clinton was calling the shots.

Fox News holds a strong sway over its viewers, and as a mainstream news network, it cannot vindicate its duty to rightfully inform its viewers about the major political developments in the country without prejudice. And while it is true that almost all news networks will always be in line with some kind of ideology, the brazenness to manipulate and keep viewers clueless borders on propaganda and must be reined in before people stop taking the network’s news seriously once and for all.

It is time Fox News stopped discussing cheeseburgers and started showing real news.

[Featured Image by Elsa/Getty Images]