Halloween Films To Frighten You [Opinion]

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It’s that time of year again! No, not that time of year, it’s Halloween! The time of year where you can let that inner ghoul out and celebrate with costumes, candy, and chilly spine-tingling films. Of course, we all have our favorite go-to films for terror-inducing screams but if you’re looking for a few more ideas to help with a truly spooky night of horror, here are few more films to add to your night. We have a round-up of some classic flicks and some that may be new to you. Grab your friends, some snacks, turn off the lights, and settle in for some scares.

Train to Busan

“While a zombie virus breaks out in South Korea, passengers struggle to survive on the train from Seoul to Busan.”

This South Korean film is an anxiety-inducing ride, one that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Will they make it to their destination? Will they be safe once they arrive? It has your typical zombie tropes but you’ll be pleased to watch this fresh take on the genre.


It Follows

“A young woman is followed by an unknown supernatural force after a sexual encounter.”

That’s a short logline but the film itself creates so much from that premise. “It” is the relentless entity that can take any form to reach its victim and will stop until he gets his man or woman. Packed with ambient noise and unusual angles, the film creates an effective eerie atmosphere out of the mundane.


The Sacrament

“A news team trails a man as he travels into the world of Eden Parish to find his missing sister, where it becomes apparent that this paradise may not be as it seems.”

Unnerving and strange, this film is reminiscent of Jonestown, the real-life murder-suicide of followers of Jim Jones. Although the film does not make a direct reference to the real-life tragedy, it explores the way of life and then the collapse of the people of Eden Parish.

A Nightmare on Elm Street

“Several people are hunted by a cruel serial killer who kills his victims in their dreams. While the survivors are trying to find the reason for being chosen, the murderer won’t lose any chance to kill them as soon as they fall asleep.”

“One two, freddy’s coming for you, three, four, better lock your door, five, six, grab a crucifix, seven, eight, gonna stay up late, nine, ten, never sleep again…” I couldn’t resist typing that out, I remember that bit being a creepy part of the movie. Of course, the film offers a multitude of scares throughout and you can even catch a young Johnny Depp in this film. Good luck getting to sleep!

To see the trailer for this old-school film click here.

Halloween 1978

“Fifteen years after murdering his sister on Halloween night 1963, Michael Myers escapes from a mental hospital and returns to the small town of Haddonfield to kill again.”

How could I not include this film on the list? It’s everyone’s favorite escaped mental patient that likes to go on a killing spree every Halloween. Somehow, he never dies! I also hear the film is going see another installment from the franchise with Jamie Lee Curtis returning in her iconic role. Make sure you double check those windows and doors folks.

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