Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, And Joe Perry: New Hollywood Vampires Album In The Works [Opinion]

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry enjoy an ever-increasing fan base, with the Hollywood Vampires. Alice stated in a recent Heavy TV interview transcribed by BlabberMouth that Depp and Perry are currently working on music for the new album.

Hollywood Vampires will be going into the studio in February or March and will go on tour in June, according to Alice Cooper who told Heavy TV about the Hollywood Vampire schedule. Alice Cooper is quoted on BlabberMouth.

“From what I understand, the [Hollywood Vampires] are going out in June, so we’re going to have to get in the studio probably in February/March. All the guys are writing right now. Johnny did five movies this year, just so we could free up time for next year. Joe is finishing up with Aerosmith; I’m finishing up with Alice Cooper for a while so that we can all get together and go back out on tour again. That’s a fun band to be in.”

Johnny Depp and Joe Perry are writing music right now, for the Hollywood Vampires album according to Alice Cooper. Johnny’s absence in recent months is being incorrectly reported as a decline of his career, but according to Alice Cooper, he’s just writing music like a rock star, instead of making movies like an actor this fall.

Johnny Depp has made more than five movies this year, more like eight, but it is understandable that even his friends have lost count. Alice Cooper is a busy man who has been far too engaged in touring with the Alice Cooper band to keep tabs on the Hollywood Vampire guitarist’s movies. It is Depp’s ability to play guitar that interests Alice most.

Alice Cooper was quoted in the Daily Star explaining that Johnny Depp is a great guitar player and “the nicest guy in the world.”

“It’s just Johnny. And he’s such a good guitar player that Joe Perry from Aerosmith takes guitar lessons from him. That’s how good Johnny is. And he’s the nicest guy in the world.”

It was hard at first for fans to comprehend Johnny Depp, one of Hollywood’s most talented and beloved actors is also a world-class guitarist. They assumed Johnny’s talents were limited to acting because his work as a studio guitarist on rock albums gets little coverage.

Johnny Depp, however, began his career as a guitarist, and only turned to acting due to opportunities that arose in that direction. Decades later, Alice Cooper asked the beloved actor to join his tribute tour band Hollywood Vampires, not because of Depp’s fame, but because of his talent as a guitarist and also because of his character as a human being.

Alice Cooper singing with his band
Alice Cooper singing with his band [Image by Jesse Grant/Getty Images]

Johnny Depp and Alice Cooper were quickly joined by Joe Perry who volunteered eagerly for the Hollywood Vampires as soon as he heard about the new band. At first, Hollywood Vampires only performed cover tunes, but their next album will be made up exclusively of new music written and performed by Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry according to this from the Inquisitr.

Alice Cooper talked about his vision for the band Alice Cooper that will also likely influence the Hollywood Vampires music. Johnny Depp and Joe Perry will likely take Alice Cooper’s advice on this in their songwriting venture. Alice Cooper is quoted on Blabbermouth.

“My whole idea of rock and roll is escapism. That’s why I’m not political. I stay away from that because I’m trying to take you as far away from politics as possible. You get that all day in the newspaper, on the internet, on TV. You’re bombarded with politics and bad news. So you come to see Alice Cooper the same way you’d go to see ‘Harry Potter’. We are the escape from that. For two hours, you get to go away to Alice-land.”

Johnny Depp of Hollywood vampires
Johnny Depp of Hollywood vampires [Image by Kevork Djansezian/

Alice Cooper is always saying nice things about Johnny Depp and went to bat for his Hollywood Vampires bandmate a few times explaining that he is a great guitarist and an all-around nice guy. Alice Cooper, Marilyn Manson, Damien Echols, and many other Johnny Depp’s friends have reportedly spoken out about Johnny’s good heart and wonderful persona in the wake of his nasty divorce from Amber Heard.

Marilyn Manson went on record at the time, saying Johnny Depp was being “crucified unjustly” in the media. For more on Marilyn Manson’s defense of Johnny Depp, see this from the Inquisitr. People who know Johnny personally are completely bewildered by the venomous gossip being dished out against the Hollywood Vampires guitarist in the tabloids. Even Depp’s two ex-wives reportedly stood up for him against Amber Heard’s allegations of abuse.

Johnny Depp has endured a lot of bad press following Amber Heard’s allegations that Depp tossed a six ounce iPhone at her the day after Depp’s mother passed away, which somehow got construed as horrific abuse in the media. Those who know Johnny Depp best have stepped forward to defend him including Hollywood Vampires singer, Alice Cooper.

Hollywood Vampires wiith Johnny Depp Alice Cooper and Joe Perry
Hollywood Vampires wiith Johnny Depp Alice Cooper and Joe Perry Matt Sayles Invision AP

Alice Cooper told the Daily Star Amber Heard’s descriptions of Johnny Depp’s drinking problem were completely untrue.

“It’s so funny because you never see Johnny drunk, ever.”

Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry are Hollywood Vampires, a tribute band to the fallen warriors of Rock music. Alice Cooper and Joe Perry have known many musicians who struggled and lost their battle with various substance abuse, but Alice Cooper says Johnny Depp is definitely not one of those people.

Hollywood Vampires with Johnny Depp, Alice Cooper, and Joe Perry is a tribute band that pays honor to great rockers who got caught up in the trap of drugs and alcohol. It was tragically common in the past and continues to happen, mostly because the pressures of the road are so overwhelming.

Megadeth called it “the killing road,” because musicians ride all day and play all night. There is little time for rest or proper diet, and yet rock stars have to put out so much energy and exuberance on stage. That can be hard to muster without drugs as Alice Cooper and Joe Perry are aware, but Johnny Depp is clean of such habits explained Alice Cooper, though as Hollywood Vampires members Perry, Depp, and Cooper are all sympathetic to the problem.

Alice Cooper, Johnny Depp, and Joe Perry are writing songs now for the new Hollywood Vampires album. Cooper, Perry, and Depp want to be ready when they go into the studio.

Hollywood Vampires will cut their album in February, so they can tour this summer. Johnny Depp will be dividing his time between music and acting so fans should not believe the worst about Johnny if they don’t see him around Hollywood for a few months.

Music is a full-time job for Hollywood Vampires members Alice Cooper, Joe Perry, and most musicians. Acting is also a full-time job, so in essence, Johnny Depp is working two full-time jobs. Depp’s career is not in decline. Instead, Johnny is essentially doubling his efforts.


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