Apple Watch Series 3: How Can Apple Make Smartwatch Even Better? [Opinion]

The Apple Watch 3 might have arrived to a difficult start with many people having connection issues. As this author explained in a review a couple weeks back for the Inquisitr, the Watch has finally reached the potential Apple had been aiming for since 2015. Expert Reviews gave Apple’s latest smartwatch five stars.

“The fact remains, though, that the Apple Watch Series 3 in either 4G or GPS-only guise is the best smartwatch you can buy, regardless of platform, and for most people the best all-round fitness tracker as well. If you own an iPhone and you’re looking to buy a smartwatch, it’s the only sensible option.”

The Apple Watch Series 3 has received other outstanding reviews as well. As good as it is, there are still some improvements Apple needs to make with the Series 4 smartwatch in 2018.

Battery Life

It’s hard to fault Apple at this since they have done the best they can with such a small device. Most users, even those who use LTE sparingly, can get two days of use with the new Apple Watch before needing to juice up. But wouldn’t it be great if the Watch could last even longer? Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t need to worry about not having your charger with you all the time? If the battery life does improve, you can bet the Watch will be bigger and heavier. But that may actually be a decent tradeoff.

The latest Apple Wath still depends on an iPhone connection somewhere. [Image by Daryl Deino]

Complete Independence

You will get email, text messages, and other third party notifications with the LTE version of the Apple Watch, but your iPhone that the Watch is associated with must be connected somewhere with either WiFi or LTE. It doesn’t matter if the connection is 5,000 miles away; you still need it. This isn’t a big deal to some people, but others don’t want to have to make sure their iPhones are powered on all the time and connected, especially when they are paying $10 to $15 extra a month for LTE service.


Being able to operate FaceTime on the Apple Watch would make the Dick Tracy comparisons complete. Can you imagine sitting at the beach in California and using the Apple Watch to see and hear your family in Australia celebrating your birthday? Having a camera on your wrist will also make it more convenient to secretly record videos of things you normally can’t do with the iPhone. However, this may be a huge problem in the workplace.

Android Compatibility

Let’s face it, the Apple Watch would be a lot more successful if Android users could use it. Apple probably thinks that doing this would allow people to move away from Apple’s ecosystem, but the tradeoff may be worth it. Remember when the iPod came out and it was only compatible with Apple’s computers? When the iPod finally became PC compatible, the device broke though in a huge and historic way.

Even Better Fitness Features

Apple has greatly improved the fitness features of the Watch over the past couple of years, but the exercise and calorie tracking still aren’t 100 percent (or even 90 percent) accurate. Wouldn’t it be great if you didn’t have to choose the type of exercise you are doing, and Apple automatically detected it instead? That sounds like a far shot, but anything is possible with the groundbreaking Cupertino company.

Are there any features this article missed that you would like to see on the Apple Watch Series 4? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section.

[Featured Image by Richard Vogel/AP Images]