Florida Honor Student Faces Felony Charge Using CBD for ADD [Opinion]

Tiffany Young and her family had finally found something that worked for once. After years dealing with the side effects of stimulant based ADD/ADHD medications like Ritalin and Concerta, Tiffany Walker Young decided to give non-psychoactive, hemp based CBD a try. Their 15-year-old, diagnosed with ADD/ADHD/ODD, PTSD and dysgraphia was a bright and well-behaved boy who had never gotten into any major trouble in or out of school. Now they’re facing the beginning of a pricey nightmare that could cause the big dreams Tiffany and her son had for his future.

Their 15-year-old son is currently enrolled in a Florida charter school where he’s been excelling taking honors and Advanced Placement courses at an accelerated rate. After spending years dealing with the side effects of amphetamine based drugs to control his system, the side effect free results from CBD oil were a dream come true. Unfortunately, due to lack of understanding about CBD oil, they are facing the beginning of a legal nightmare that threatens a bright future.

Her son had been regularly taking a two doses of CBD oil in the school week. One before class and an afternoon dosage at a few drops each dose seemed to be the “sweet spot.” One day, however, Tiffany receives a call. Her son, who has been taking classes in robotics and Maritime studies in advance of hopefully becoming a Cadet at Coast Guard academy, had been “anonymously informed on.” Someone told the administrator’s he had a marijuana product.

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They searched his bags and found the dropper of CBD oil. At this point, he has a 1 day suspension and is charged with possession of THC oil, a felony in Florida. Here’s an issue though, the CBD oil they had was hemp based, 50 state legal, non-psychoactive and had THC percentage below the amount legally allowable. The outdated field tests that were used to run the test on the bottle, however, were out of date and could not measure whether the trace amounts of THC were at or below the legal amount.

At this point, Tiffany spoke with administration explaining the issue. Would she have to bring the CBD oil in the afternoon from now on? According to authorities at the school, it should be fine for him to bring it in himself. Once again, however, the CBD oil created an issue. At this point, making it look like he had ignored the school and law enforcement. A felony charge has the potential to ruin lives. Not only that, but with drug charges on his record, it could mean this young man would find it more difficult to make it into Cadet academy, receive scholarships and find work in the future. And all this due to a misunderstanding.

Sadly, this isn’t the only case where people have been arrested for non-psychoactive, 50 state legal, CBD oil. Hopefully, as plant medicines become more mainstream and understood, the stigma may lift and families like Tiffany’s won’t be facing such horrors just for trying to make healthy choices for their children.

[Featured image by Globe Newswire/AP images]