‘Geostorm’: Controversial Weather Modification Disaster Film Displays Amazing Special Effects [Opinion]

Geostorm involves the potential for government weather modification, as well as its own take on global warming, and the results have been polarizing. What isn’t polarizing are the special effects. Even the critics agree that the CGI special effects in this film are amazing for this big-budget disaster film.

Geostorm, with its government weather modification and global warming issues, is yet another film that has divided the audience, who only agreed the special effects were amazing. About half of the audience loved it and the other half hate it. There is no middle ground in the audience reviews.

Government weather modification is a conspiracy theory that has gained a lot of traction with some, while climate change due to pollution has a robust camp of more mainstream believers. Geostorm combines both ideas in a fascinating tale of assumably well-meant government weather modification gone horribly wrong.

Geostorm was pummeled by the critics. Rotten Tomatoes has given it 15 percent fresh, which for some can be a positive sign for a movie. Even those fresh tomatoes were highly critical of Geostorm. Chris Bumbray of JoBlo’s Movie Emporium offered a tongue-in-cheek fresh tomato saying Geostorm was “awful” but “kind of amazing.”

Critics were nearly universal in their dislike for Geostorm. Tasha Robinson of The Verge complained of too much political discussion, political paranoia, and a hodgepodge of hot-button political issues, including global warming and government weather modification, but even she liked the special effects and action sequences.

“The actual point of the film is watching CGI cities around the world get destroyed by firestorms and tornadoes, as the foreshadowing sets up a technologically induced worldwide storm that will devastate the entire planet.”

Geostorm is a devastating movie in terms of weather disasters portrayed with special effects, and in terms of budget. Warner Bros. gambled $120 million on the Geostorm disaster film, and it is likely this global warming and weather modification film will lose about $100 million, according to Fox.

The 46 percent of moviegoers who liked Geostorm, gave it four or more stars, while those who did not like Geostorm gave it one or two stars. Moviegoer Shelly G gave Geostorm five stars and called out the critics at Rotten Tomatoes.

“I loved this movie. Great disaster movie in 3D. Good story, script, acting, editing etc. Rotten Tomatoes review is wrong. I’ve loved Gerard Butler since 300.”

Geostorm lovers like Vez Z were adamant that Geostorm was an absolutely great film. He was interested in the concept of weather modification, as well as the special effects.

“Full action! I love it! See it on 4DX or DBOX. I wish someday we have enough knowledge to be able to control the weather of the earth. Thank you for making a very enjoyable movie!”

Geostorm stars Gerald Butler, Abbie Cornish and Jim Sturgess
Geostorm stars Gerald Butler, Abbie Cornish and Jim Sturgess by Dfree Shutterstock

Geostorm is a great movie if one would like to see CGI scenes of utter global destruction, great action sequences, and some good acting as well. It’s also interesting for those fascinated by geopolitics, weather control, climate change, or conspiracy theory related to government weather modification.

Geostorm discusses government weather modification, and climate change for the intellect, but offers plenty of amazing CGI and action scenes for the adrenalin junkies. It’s pretty balanced and perhaps the critics were too harsh.

Geostorm is a great film for half of the audience at least, with great action, special effects, and a unique take on weather modification and global warming.

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