Seth MacFarlane Goes Deep On ‘The Orville’: A Deadly World Based On Social Media Likes [Opinion]

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville has received some severe criticism. While MacFarlane’s Star Trek based space drama seems to confuse critics, and The Orville’s ratings have dropped like a rock, losing viewers with each episode according to TV Series Finale, perhaps those 8 million viewers who watched the premiere should have stuck around for Episode 7.

The Orville‘s Episode 7 “Majority Rule” aired last night and it was stunningly genius. It is hardly news that Seth MacFarlane is a creative genius, but “Majority Rule” was especially thought-provoking. Perhaps The Orville just needed time to gain its footing.

Episode 7 of The Orville was suspenseful, and those roughly 3 million viewers who have remained faithful to Seth were likely on the edge of their seats. More importantly, Seth MacFarlane provided a powerful commentary on what is going wrong in the world this century. To view Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville Episode 7, log in to Fox.

In The Orville‘s most amazing adventure so far, Seth MacFarlane’s crew took a journey to a planet they were told was like twenty-first century Earth, so The Orville crew assumed they were safe, even though two scientists had gone missing there. What ensued was sci-fi horror on a level with George Orwell’s 1984, and The Ward, putting at risk characters that viewers are actually starting to like.

Seth MacFarlane’s The Orville gets high praise for Episode 7 in the video below. The Geekin host says Episode 7 is the “stand out” episode, and “the best social satire we will see all fall,” remarking on the episode’s “implications.”

“This Is a pretty light-hearted episode that at times is terrifying in its implications.”

Seth MacFarlane’s plot device for last night’s episode of The Orville was a planet that based all rights on social media type “likes” and “dislikes,” claiming it was a pure democracy. People wore badges with physical buttons to push if they behaved well or badly. If a crime, even a seemingly minor crime, was committed in Seth MacFarlane’s brave new world, then the culprits were tried on TV talk shows and got “like” or “dislike” votes remotely. Then the “dislikes” could add up fast.

Seth MacFarlane creator of The Orville
Seth MacFarlane creator of The Orville by Willy Sanjuan AP

Fans are saying Seth MacFarlane “nailed it” on The Orville last night.

Seth MacFarlane’s birthday party was last night, but his sister Rachel was at home watching The Orville. Thankfully, The Orville tonight was “amazing.”

In The Orville Episode 7, Seth MacFarlane sets down a set of rules for the planet based entirely on the “dislikes.” Too many “dislikes” earned the unpopular fellow severe punishment. Still, the citizens of this world took none of it seriously and didn’t bother to listen to the facts. They just made snap judgments based largely on shallow and often cruel emotions with no facts or research.

Seth MacFarlane made some good points on last night’s The Orville without the preachy PC flavor TV and social media are increasingly presenting. Instead, Seth presented an extremely suspenseful episode of The Orville, with an amazing perspective on social media and social issues.


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